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College Cock, Sc.2: Horny Twink Hits The Glass Ceiling With His Flip-Flopping Buddy! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 06/April/2017
Duration: 26 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Pity young Mike Cole. He really is trying his damn hardest to study, but all to no avail. Fact is there’s just too many distractions to keep his head in his book – as opposed to his hand in his pants! – not least of all the African statuette with a big, black dick. Valiantly he decides to take a piss and a shower in one final bid to maintain his resolve – only to find himself promptly interrupted by none other than his good buddy, Bjorn Nykvist. At which point, of course, any remaining hope of maintaining his resolve is finally destroyed.

That said, having clearly abandoned himself to a much-needed session of carnal debauchery, he gives in to his urges in a very big way; diving down onto his knees so that he can suck the very life out of Nykvist’s handsome ramrod. It’s the kind of reception that surely anyone would appreciate – Nykvist arguably more than most – and it will no doubt come as any surprise to see that the handsome blond is very quickly returning the favour by eagerly rimming Cole’s hairless little pucker. That move is but a prelude to the main feast, of course; with Nykvist taking full advantage to slam every inch of his thick, meaty salami straight into the Spaniard’s hungry fuck-hole.

Cue a stupendous, no-holds-barred flip-flop session that sees both lads take dick like they were fucking born to, and which makes the most of the plush surroundings – not least of all the section of glass floor. All of which soon results in Nykvist blowing mid-fuck; and Cole hosing his buddy’s ass with such a tidal-wave of boy-batter that the clip has to be re-wound to watch it all again!

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Yummy duo who both love to give and take cock up their ass. Love to watch Bjorn rimming Mike's hairless hole too. So hot! The shooting of their hot cum is just wonderful! Oh what fun to have been able to join in and swallow the lot!

Ryan, 06/April/2017

Great Venue & two very HOT Boys. Made me shoot :-)

pugs, 06/April/2017

What a scene. This is without a doubt my absolute favorite this year. And that glass floor thing 5+++ stars, very sexy to see Bjorn's body and cock against the glass with Mike on the other side pressing in his balls deep inside Bjorn.

biggerthebetter, 06/April/2017

Great filming, hot scene! Great rimming! Cute boys!

bently, 06/April/2017

2 sexy and sensual guys engaged in hot action,with a good chemistry and well directed... it's what I like and what I miss sometimes in some other scenes. *****

Jerry, 08/April/2017

First scene I've given full five stars too. It was close to perfect. Cute boys, great energy, nice bodies, nice ass play (which I like) and also nice penetrative views of dick going in hole followed by one of the hottest cum shots I've seen in porn. I particularly loved the viewing angles taken from below, especially in that glass scene toward the end (that was very innovative and the first I've ever seen in any kind of porn). I know some will say that the cumshot scene was manipulated digitally, but that's fine. I loved it and would love to see that kind of stuff happening more often to lengthen the moment of orgasm especially when it's right up against the bottoms hole. All in all, an excellent scene!

I love hole, 15/June/2017

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