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Fight Night, Sc.2: Newbie Calms An Angry Boxer With A Pert, Fresh Arse To Cream! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 16/April/2017
Duration: 29 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


Vitali Kutcher is an angry young man – or at least that’s definitely the case at the start of this boxing-inspired escapade with new boy, Pyotr Valentine. Not that Valentine has done anything to offend. No, Kutcher’s fury is directed at the unnamed buddy who’s gone and fucked his boyfriend behind his back; resulting in a splendid display of antagonism in the direction of his punchbag. In contrast, Valentine is clearly a reserved, thoughtful soul, who insists that his buddy gets ready for school and forgets all about the troubles in his life.

Kutcher, however, is having none of it; demanding that his pal join him in sparring, which given the arguably inept performance that ensues might not have been the greatest of suggestions. In fairness, however, the time spent together does at least result in the two lads getting to know each other better – which initially involves the newbie diving down onto Kutcher’s handsome ramrod, before the roles are duly reversed and Kutcher gets his first taste of the new meat.

All of which is quickly eclipsed when Kutcher finally bundles his mate onto his back so that he can rim that fresh, tight-lipped pucker; before forcing the meaty shaft between his legs through heaven’s door, with Valentine’s legs still restrained by his jeans. Eager to enjoy the experience uninhibited, however, it’s not long before every stitch of clothing is finally removed; marking the start of a stupendous rout of hardcore raw sex, which culminates with Valentine spewing mid-fuck cowboy-style, prior to Kutcher marking the new boy-pussy with an ass-load of spunk for his efforts!

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I love the creampie!

twinkfan, 16/April/2017

More of these kind of creampies please.

Robin, 16/April/2017

This is just breath-taking. Vitali has become my favourite model. But now with Pyotr there are two. I just love the scene and love both of them. VERY sexy, both of them. Pyotr's beautiful pucker is the sweetest. This is the best rimming scene ever. Brilliant close up photography. I got SO hot seeing Vitali using his tongue on that beauty hole. My only wish is that I would love to be there and rim both boy's sweet holes both for their pleasure and especially mine. The final heavenly act is when Vitali cums inside Pyotr and the cum dribbles out of his hole. VERY horny! I wanted to taste it! Love them both!

Ryan, 16/April/2017

We could indeed have seen and enjoyed a bit longer this great cumpie. Nevertheless the movie is very nice. Good to see those 2 fresh guys playing together. Vitali Kutcher was well known in previous clips to take good dicks and here he plays active as well, and he new partner is so cute. Well done !

Christian, 16/April/2017

The more important thing in a scene, for me, is to see guys taking pleasure when they have sex and it's what was missing in some last videos. The newbie, Piotr is a nice add and Vitaly, this time, seems to apreciate the pairing. It's a pleasure for the viewer to see them in action.

Jerry, 16/April/2017

Haven't you not forgotten to mention Piotr in your actor review / bio : you just talk about Vitali ...?!

christian, 16/April/2017

This is so romantic the setting the music the gorgeous Boys. I agree with everyone above & add the beautiful kissing especially with the cum. I loved to see the eyes & the smiling the heavy breathing also the talking. This is divine filming & as Christian said would have enjoyed a bit longer :-) Love you all at Staxus xxxxx

pugs, 16/April/2017

Yes this video is the best since we have seen for months. Increadible sexy boys and how lascivious did Vitali rim new lad Valentine. And the best comes mostly at the end. The creampie (felching). I had wished to see these moments much earlier, but now it happened! Breathtaking. Please, please staxus produce more of these felching scenes. Heaven on earth

Chris, 16/April/2017

Our members eastern gift...this is why I fell in love with staxus!!!

Chris, 16/April/2017

Just a pleasure watching these guys enjoying sex with each other. Loved the rimming, very hot indeed!!

bently, 16/April/2017

Please how do I vote for the new guy Poytr? Fabulous scene with a great ending. Would have loved them to have told us they now decide to stay together given the initial story line?

Nick, 17/April/2017

Wow what a hot ending, great scene

Staxusfan, 18/April/2017

Just for your information, I have added a Model Focus post to the blog all about Pyotr Valentine, come and check it out if you like!

Staxus - Tommy, 19/April/2017

the Holiness of gay Love.

Paolo, 20/April/2017

thanks for the great creampie

jwl, 30/April/2017

Please, please more of these creampies. Love the way he doesnt push out while cumming. And the bottom is so hot. He doesnt have the body of a model and this makes him even more sexy. Nice smile. Lovely eyes. One of the best vids Ive ever seen

David, 13/May/2017

Vitality. Sure knows how to pack a punch and Pyotr takes the full load!

Glen, 18/June/2017

Listening to all the praises and enthiusiast comments here + reading the special feature about him on staxus blog, we would have thought of seeing more of cute smooth Pyotr Valentine ; in fact he never reappeared in any video ! any chance to see him back again ?

christian, 05/August/2017

pure Nobility. Pyotr ejaculates like an Angel.

Paolo, 21/October/2017

But, let's talk about it, the ideal will win

Paolo, 21/October/2017

Will we see Pyotr Valentine again? <3 Maybe topping?

Dave, 16/January/2018

If there were Oscar for boy videos, surely this would win hands down? Sure, it starts with great raw material - Pyotr Valentine is the twinkiest twink. Such a pretty face, beautiful mouth, kissable lips and then the hole appears. Got to be one of the sexiest orifices on the web and so expertly rimmed by Vitali. Talk about getting the flat of your tongue to cover the other boy's hole - beautiful. Pyotr then gives us a really nice creamy cumshot before the piece de resistance. Seeing Vitali's cum oozing out of Pyotr is so, so sexy. Can Staxus get Pyotr back for more vids before he loses that puppy charm of his? Brliant if you can.

docmoc, 23/February/2018

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