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Dick-Lovin’ Visitor Gets Arse Plugged By His Lying Dream Date! HD

3.6/5 (Total votes: 22)


Shane, Jayden

Added: 15/April/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 38 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know what it’s like – you spend all night fucking some hot, horny buddy senseless, only to never see each other ever again! Fortunately for Joshua Levi (here playing Shane) and Erik Valik, the chance to meet up for a second session together comes when Erik gets the chan,ce to travel to Prague from his native Slovakia. What’s more, it seems that the horny traveller has been saving himself for the occasion, having abstained from sex with other guys ever since their first meeting.

Not that the same can be said of Levi, of course – as anyone who follows our studio will know only too well. Fact remains that he’s a fucker of the highest order, who will take any opportunity to plough into twink-pussy – as is about to demonstrate once again here. Amazingly, however, when asked if there’s been anyone else since their last encounter, Levi brazenly declares no – a lie that immediately seems to melt poor Erik’s little heart, as the young visitor promptly falls to his knees and begins to slurp on what he imagines to be his buddy’s chaste schlong.

Of course, all good sense tells you that the chances of a horny bastard like Levi refraining from fornication at any opportunity are slim to say the least; and it’s not long before he’s proving his credentials once again on Erik’s pucker with characteristic gusto. Having gobbled on his mate’s ramrod in return and allowed Erik to rim his arse, Levi is stuffing every throbbing inch of meat into that tight little hole; giving the lad fresh memories of man-to-man sex that will last in the memory long after both these boys have spewed their wads!

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Marvelous scene - Joshua Levi is irresistible and I wouldn't throw Erik out of my bed either. The Czech/Slovak dialog in the beginning is a nice bonus -- usually dialog is nonexistent or muted and so useless for a beginner learner like me. This scene was a complete lesson.

fuckworthy, 15/April/2017

A sympathetic intro. 2 guys with nice bodies. I could go to hell for the sexy smile of Joshua Levi, not to mention his huge dick. And, at least these guys seem to feel something when they have sex!!

Jerry, 15/April/2017

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