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College Cock, Sc.4 HD: Student Life Proves Its Ball-Busting Best For These Hot Buddies! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 20/April/2017
Duration: 29 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


University life isn’t all about drinking, socialising and having sex. If adopted in a serious way it presents a young person with fabulous opportunities in return for a period of really hard work – and clearly Chad Johnstone is determined to be as studious as possible, given the fact that he’s reading text books in bed rather than just idling the time away. Unfortunately, Mike Cole – whose commitment to the scholarly life is self-evidently more questionable – has other ideas.

That’s good news for those of us who want to see this pair of handsome young college boys rut like a couple of animals, however; and suffice it to report that it doesn’t take very long before their relatively innocent smooching has been eclipsed by a mindless desire to slurp on each other’s hard cocks. By which point, of course, any thought of cerebral exercise on the part of Johnstone has no doubt been totally erased from his memory; as the ever-horny student pushes Cole onto his side and thrusts that thick, meaty schlong of his deep into his mate’s tight little fuck-hole.

From which point onwards, of course, the handsome Spaniard is like a dog in season; getting into a succession of positions for his long-dicked buddy so that he can savour every sweet inch of rock-hard man-meat to the max! No fucking wonder that his pucker is soon gaping wide open in response; and that his own shaft is soon yielding a fine wad of hot cream as he rides Johnstone like the total bitch we all know he is. Leaving the lad the final pleasure of stretching his mouth to breaking point, as he blows his mate to a much-deserved climax!

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Chad and Mike, you made my day! Super!

bently, 20/April/2017

Chemistry, enjoying, rimming..., it's great to watch!

bently, 20/April/2017

Two beautiful models, especially Mike. And his ejaculation was surprisingly powerful given the total lack of chemistry between the two boys. Chad's ejaculation (did he even cum? I'll have to double check!) pretty much fitted in with the rest of the video. They made fucking look like really hard work. I give it a 3 just because the boys are good-looking, and that, I'm sorry to say, is just about it.

Shoku Konfuoko, 20/April/2017

2 hansome guys fucking hard and well filmed. The plus is to see the guys cum in the action and not masturbating side by side at the end of the video. I would have liked more balls playing, but we can't have all in a single scene and as I don't want to hide my pleasure I rate *****

Jerry, 20/April/2017

What I am going to say, it's easy to say, specially about Chad. In my opinion, he teases any bottom. Chad has a good looking body and his cock makes good things. And this time, Mike had the chance to show us again his bottom skills and I bet he loved Chad's cock. Good scene boys: nice chemistry, great sex, and I liked very much how Chad fucked Mike, specially during the last position. Nice scene and nice angles as well.

Vaclav, 20/April/2017

Well isn't Chad looking all spiffy with his new haircut, he is a favorite of mine. Mike is a cutie as well. It's so nice to see the boys in a clean set rather those dungeons and muddy fields that Staxus seems to like. Great film guys... dr

dr, 20/April/2017

Every second of this material was anjoyable. I can only agree with my member collegues comments before. Indeed Chads new smart hairstyle makes me smile. 5 of 5

Chris, 20/April/2017

Chad should participate in a rimming contest which really exists in the USA. He rims assholes as other eat candy :-) I am one of the biggest fans of him

Chris, 20/April/2017

Loved the opening & the setting with romantic white candles & sexy kissing & a sexy singing voice & with white underwear making love on a big bed. Then in all their glory naked male flesh beautifully filmed. I loved every second of these Fabulous Boys.

Pugs, 20/April/2017

I think Chad was born to rim. He does it so beautifully. The fucking also. I love both these models and it's heaven to see them in action in Staxus videos. Chad is a great top but would be fantastic in any role. The same goes for Mike. Bring them on when possible please. They both get me so horny!

Ryan, 21/April/2017

I sometimes find duos a little dull. But this one was anything but, I loved seeing the guys in all the various positions and the fact that it was all balls deep, love the sight of a cock going all the way inside and the balls smacking against the bottom's hole, Chad made sure to not waste one single millimetre of his beautiful cock as he was going in and out of Mike's hole =)

biggerthebetter, 21/April/2017

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