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Face to Face, Sc.1: Rookie Dives Straight In With A Flip-Flop Suck-&-Fuck-A-Thon! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 76)
Added: 27/April/2017
Duration: 25 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


We already know that Martin Rivers isn’t the kind of young lad to waste time when he encounters some handsome little slut, but it seems he’s encountered a soulmate in new boy, Connor Rex. Indeed, neither of these buddies hang about when it comes to the task of slobbering off each other’s dicks – geez, the action has only just started and they’re taking it in turns to feast on all the hard flesh on offer. And who the fuck can blame them, of course? Both buddies are as cute as the day is long, and both have definitely been blessed by mother nature in the cock stakes!

Given the fast-paced nature of proceedings, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that Rivers – as the more experienced of the pairing – is quickly pushing for a little progression in the antics, parting Rex’s legs apart and getting his tongue firmly embedded in the lad’s tight virgin arse. Of course, you don’t need to be Einstein to realise that what he really wants to stick in that hungry little hole is his thick, uncut shaft – a wish that’s soon being granted!

However, don’t think for one moment that just because Rex’s a newbie it means that he’s not got his own kinky ideas. For having taken every inch of Rivers’ delightfully oversized schlong in a variety of positions – most notably riding it cowboy-style like a five-star whore – the young lad is promptly returning the favour; stuffing his meaty member deep into his buddy’s pucker and banging away for all that he’s worth. No fucking wonder that Rivers is soon spewing like a fountain as a result; before Rex underwrites his first money-shot all over his pal’s pretty face!

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Cute twinks in a nice scene, but not a realy hot scene to me, due to the poor camera work. Would love to see more of the backside of Martin when he was topping. Would have been hot. A missed change with these hotties. Just how come Staxus, you can do much better/hotter. 4*

bently, 27/April/2017

WOW. Connor is amazing. If every single video had him in it, it still wouldn't be enough. Get him doing many many more please!

Nick, 27/April/2017

This is was great pleasure. Nice that we could see Martin in an unusual actie role for his part. The end with the cum kissing made me explode. Hopefully Connor will stay at staxus...

Chris, 27/April/2017

All the rimming was really awesome. Connor is really cute, but for my taste he looks just a tiny bit too young, but nevertheless he is a stunning guy =)

biggerthebetter, 27/April/2017

@staxus: Is it ok for me as a german man to write in german or is it more senseful to stay in english language? What would you recommend?

Chris, 27/April/2017

Staxus could devote the next 6 months to Connor Rex and Martin Rivers and I would be very pleased. Connor looks like a fluffy plush toy twink, adorable. To my German whatever is comfortable for you, I have Google Translate LOL

dr, 27/April/2017

@dr: yes I sometimes change between english and german, of course cause english is not my mother language I do mistakes but I think it is humane. I eer do my ery best :-) Do not speak english at work and highschool is a long time ago lol

Chris, 27/April/2017

It seems Connor does his very best to please the viewer (and the director). For a first appearance, it's a success. The 2 boys are very cute and give us a delightful performance. My wish: more scenes like that.

Jerry, 28/April/2017

Love these two young stars. Martin is great as a top as well as bottom. Great at sucking and rimming. Sexy new boy Connor performs really great. He is a star performer and loves being rimmed (which turns me on). 5 stars!

Ryan, 28/April/2017

Love these Boys, they are so beautiful & I love to watch their eyes. A great performance & I would love to see a solo by each of these truly sexy Boys ***** xxxxx

pugs, 28/April/2017

the little Mouths of these two noble Creatures full of Sperm: what's of sweetest?

Paolo, 28/April/2017

what's sweetest ? Spiritual Energy.

Paolo, 28/April/2017

hi chris - please feel free to write in german - we are european - so lets celebrate that with our languages - so please everyone should feel free to write in whatever language they like. we employ germans, french, spanish, english and dutch -

steve, 01/May/2017

Wow. This is an instant classic. It took me three separate viewings to make it through this video! These guys are both so fine, but Connor Rex gives a spectacular debut performance. This video seemed so un-staged. It was a privilege to see. Everything around the 15 minute mark is solid gold. Thanks!

GaryHerbert, 04/May/2017

The Love of these noble Creatures is pure Holiness. Connor is true mystical gay Worship. Simply delicious the final Kiss of the two Angels: with the precious Sperm keep in the Mouth by Connor coming out as a Holy Communion.

Paolo Monaco, 29/July/2017

naturally, I was joking...

Paolo M, 29/July/2017

Paolo...for the love of God, please go away.

thunderball, 06/November/2017

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