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Staxus Classic: Raw Courage - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 7)


Igor Bould, Collin Richardson, Andrew Shut, Rob Rain

Added: 02/May/2017
Duration: 21 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


Oh, if only naked kickboxing was an Olympic sport! Geez, if the demonstration of the sport by Andrew Shut and Rob Rain is anything to go by at the start of this mega-horny escapade, the viewing figures among the gay population would almost certainly be stratospheric! Indeed, you could argue that director Vlado Iresch’s only mistake here was that he rushed the introduction of hard cock at the expense of the sporting action; though we still highly doubt that there’ll be many complaints at the sight of Shut gobbling down on fellow soldier, Collin Richardson, whilst Rain and Igor Gould slurp on each other’s dicks whilst on watch.

Indeed, anyone who’s ever fantasised about what life is like in the army, surrounded by countless hosts of endlessly horny males, will almost certainly be in their element here; particularly when the two duos combine to create a quite undeniably captivating foursome. Given his reputation as a complete and utter slut, it’s no real surprise that Shut essentially acts as the centrepiece of much of the performance – royally spit-roasted and treated like little more than fuck-meat by his fellow conscripts.

That said, Gould can’t resist his own ride on a dick midway through – by which point there’s every good chance that you’ll have got to the point of no return given the breathless, sweaty display on offer. But it’s Shut who will almost certainly be remembered as the leading light here, not least of all as a result of him serving as the focal-point for the inevitable climax; unceremoniously splattered with goo, before dumping into Richardson’s mouth!

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Very nice video. The army setting is good, and gives it a little boost. I enjoyed it very much. Quite horny and Andrew Slut is excellent, with a very good supporting cast. I think it deserves somewhere about 4 stars rating. Thanks again Staxus for these remastered videos.

Ryan, 03/May/2017

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