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Staxus Classic: Raw Courage - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 13)


Georgio Black, Kamil Fox, Leon Ramon, Nikandro Sideropulos, Gerry Holly

Added: 09/May/2017
Duration: 20 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Poor Gerry Holly. He’s a young, fresh-faced recruit who’s being given a real hard time by commanding officer, Georgio Black; and you do seriously wonder if he’ll manage to make it out of the training session alive. Not that sidekick Nikando Sideropulos seems to display any concerns for the youngster, as he stands on the side enjoying a smoke whilst he watches. No, Holly’s very much on his own here – and that continues to apply when he finds himself taking a shower with the two fellows shortly afterwards.

Of course, the lad’s predicament isn’t really helped by the fact that it turns out that Black is quite literally hung like a horse and that Holly finds himself quite unable to take his eyes off the monster. Fact is, Black takes something of an exception to the Peeping Tom and demands that the lad first touch it and then suck it; and before you know it Holly finds himself as the centrepiece of an outdoor fuck-fest, quite literally spit-roasted over a barrel! What’s more, the youngster’s situation soon gets even worse – or better, depending on your point of view – when a couple of handsome studs in the form of Kamil Fox and Leon Ramon happen to stumble on this unbelievable stunning threeway and decide (not unnaturally) to join in on the fun.

As a result, Holly actually finds himself down on his knees surrounded by the rather unforgiving joint forces of the four overhung stallions – none of whom will be satisfied until they’ve squirted the contents of their balls over his pretty face. Given that the boy’s reaction is to wank himself off, however, it’s a fate he readily embraces!