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Rich Bitch, Sc.4: Billiard Buddies Ride It Roughshod For A Spunky Game Of Balls! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 44)
Added: 21/May/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


With so much money stashed in the bank what else have Angel Lopez and David Sky got to do but while away their time by playing pool? After all, it’s not as if they’ve got to go out to work for a living! Even so, there’s only so much on the beige that a young man can savour; and it’s not too long before they’re looking for a little more excitement in the game. For Sky that involves slowly getting undressed mid-game – a move that’s never going to fail to draw some kind of heated response from a lad like Lopez. Indeed, it goes without saying that the handsome buddy has soon cast his cue aside so that he can give his diminutive mate his fullest attention; dropping down to his knees and feverishly slurping on the thick, oversized knob inside Sky’s pants.

Why, it’s almost as if all of Lopez’s birthdays and Christmases have come at once; and you just know from his sordid track record that it won’t be too long before he’s riding that mighty rod for all he’s worth. Clearly wishing to prolong the experience, however, we get to enjoy the sight of Sky returning fellatio first; but the plain fact of the matter by this stage is that Lopez is quite literally gagging to get his guts stretched to the max by his buddy’s monster.

It’s a wish, of course, that Sky is only too willing to help make come true; first smashing into Lopez’s arse against the snooker-table, then railroading to heaven on top of the felt. But it’s only when Lopez is bouncing up and down on Sky’s dick that matters finally reach a crescendo; with even these top-notch sluts looking surprised at the volume of jizz they produce!

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To be honest I realy don't like this scene at all. I resent all the ink on David's body. Made this scene horrible for me to watch. Also the camera-handeling was not superb as usual. What a pity, espacialy with hot Angel, who had trouble keeping a hard-on!

bently, 21/May/2017

These two are both HOTT boys. I don't think David has put any money in the bank, it looks like it all went on his arm. I like it, it makes him even more sexy to me. Angel put some of his money on his leg, I like the stars....I have an armful of stars myself. I think one boy jacking the other off is sooo HOTT. Great scene.

dr, 21/May/2017

I love these two very hot and sexy boys. They give a great performance. Loved the rimming of Angel's beautiful hole. He loves having his ass licked and David enjoys doing it. The fucking is just great. But the filming could have been a bit sharper in quality. But still 5 stars from me for the great performance.

Ryan, 21/May/2017

Wow, a special but really nice setting. Sex on a billiard table.. This scene was very hot beginning with the rimming ending up with fucking this sexiest boyslut Angel Lopez...Sorry but I couldn`t watch the video till the end if you understand

Chris, 21/May/2017

I forced myself to watch this scene several times, but realy it doesn't work. All the ink is in my opinion an mutilation of the body. It can be old fashioned from me, but I don't go along with it. Makes this scene nothing for me or what so ever.

bently, 21/May/2017

Angel and David are two sympathetic and nice models. I liked the intro and the end when they cum :=). By the way, if you watch the tattoos, you could find them very artistics.

Jerry, 22/May/2017

David Sky for me was much more sympathetic + attractive at the beginning of his porn career where his body wasn`t laced with ugly tatooes...:-(

Chris, 22/May/2017

Dramatic start to this scene with great music & a super billiard room with a sexy waiter in our Frank. The two Exclusive Stars who I adore set about to entertain us with gusto. Climaxing with an explosion of Boy Cream. PS. I do sadly agree with Chris above :-(

pugs , 22/May/2017

Great start to this and who can say no to seeing those guys have sex? The pool table idea was a very good one. This to me is that greatest scene from the Rich Bitch movie.

biggerthebetter, 22/May/2017

Generally not a huge fan of tattoos either, but I think David pulls if off better than most. GREAT scene!

Etienne, 02/June/2017

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