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Staxus Classic: Bareback FM - Scene 1 - Remastered in HD

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Thomas Dyk, Jose Manuel

Added: 27/May/2017
Duration: 18 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Like many über sexy guys, Thomas Dyk was always at his sensational best when displaying a touch of vulnerability – a fact that’s heavily underlined here when he calls a late-night radio programme to reminisce about an outdoor date that he once had with Jose Manuel. As he explains, he clearly wanted something more from the encounter than just a walk in the country; but having enjoyed an adventurous session of rock-climbing together, it’s down to Manuel to make the final move that ensures these boys are more than just close friends.

Mind, it’s possibly at this point in proceedings that you might be left wondering whether getting two of the hottest boys on the gay porn scene to suck each other off on the edge of a precipice is actually such a good idea – one false slip and the two of them could have fallen headlong into oblivion! In many respects, however, the apparent danger – which in reality was always much less than it appears on camera – only adds to the magic of the occasion; with both lads taking it in turns to feast on the thick, meaty shafts on offer, before Dyk finally buries every inch of his dick into his buddy’s well-worn arse.

It’s a move that soon has very predictable results, with Manuel splurging the contents of his nads all over his own smooth belly. Don’t for one minute assume, however, that there’s no fuel left in the tank. Climbing onto Dyk’s cock, the fellow promptly rides himself to a second sticky climax; before jumping down to savour the salty taste of Dyk’s balls as they yield their own sticky treasure, leaving his face dripping with cum!

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PaoloMonaco, 27/September/2017

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