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Big Is Better, Sc.2: Hot Blond Gets All His Ass Stretched & Jizzed By A Monster Cock! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 01/June/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s no fucking wonder that Lucas Drake can’t keep his eyes off Bjorn Nykvist. Having jumped out of the pool after a invigorating swim and stripped off under the shower, Nykvist is donning one of the thickest, meatiest dicks that a young lad like Drake is ever likely to see; and it’s something of a miracle that the lad doesn’t choke on the apple that he’s munching as he gazes on at the heavenly form before him. Of course, his relaxed attitude may have something to do with the fact that he knows for certain that a guy like Nykvist isn’t ever going to turn down the chance to get intimate once he’s soaped and clean; and needless to say the two lads are soon taking full advantage of the situation to gobble away on each other’s shafts with all the gusto and eagerness that you’d expect from a pair of cock-crazed sluts like these.

Drake, in particular, doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of his mate’s oversized ramrod; but having stretched his jaw to breaking point to accommodate the monster schlong, he’s soon stretching his legs with the same expectation. Nykvist, to his credit, extends the passion by taking time to rim the horny twink’s hairless little pucker; but it’s not very long before the lust for dick simply gets too much for Drake, who promptly lands his ass down on that gorgeous chopper and rides it for all he’s worth.

It’s a move that’s almost certainly gonna go down a storm with our fans, as Drake manfully takes every inch; before switching positions to take it first from behind and then on his back. Culminating in a jizzy blast that leaves his hole twitching with goo!

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Both Lucas and Bjorn are cute and hot! Loved this scene, but missed the start of this clip. It wasn't complete and to sudden on the couch. Their was more happening before......!? Loved the rimming, but missed hot filmshots of Bjorn's boy-pucker. Therefore 4****. It seems to be a problem for Freshmen and Helix to show the backsite of a "top" , and now Staxus is starting it also. A sort of "shame to film- disease of boypussy......

bently, 01/June/2017

Boring no for play

Dr Bouchey, 01/June/2017

I don't know why there are so many great Czech gay sex performers. These two are some of the very best. This is a wonderful sex show. The intensity of it and the sheer joy on the faces of the boys lifts this onto the very top level. I am absolutely blown by all the prolonged close-up views of Bjorn performing anulingus on Lukas's sweet boy pucker. This rimming is the best I've seen, and both boys look like they enjoy doing it/receiving it. They both keep a hard cock throughout, which is a positive indication. Just loving those beautiful cocks. Just great seeing Bjorn's huge cock sliding raw in and out Lukas's beautiful asshole. The cum shots are great, perhaps the best being Bjorn's cum shooting over Lukas's sweet hole. I could give 5 stars several times over!

Ryan, 01/June/2017

Really loved this scene! Both performers are absolutely brilliant! Bjorn has such a huge cock and knows how to use it. Lucas, as always is a hungry cock-sucking power bottom and a true asset to STAXUS. Although a few minutes is missing from the beginning of the scene, I will be buying the full download of this entire BIG IS BETTER movie- its that good! 10/10

Robbie Hill, 01/June/2017

These two Boys are so sensual & exciting to watch I was blown away by their intensity.I agree wholeheartedly with Ryan & with Robbie Hill. I could not contain myself I exploded before Lucas :-) Super Boys ***** xxxxx

Pugs, 01/June/2017

2 handsome models fucking with energy and passion. I only miss a beautiful intro like those John Smith used to giving us and make a scene classy. But the action deserves 5 stars !

Jerry, 01/June/2017

It looks like the intro at the pool that we see on the pictures disappeared of the scene. Editing or filming issue ????

Jerry, 01/June/2017

This is some 5 star action. The absolute best part was the reverse cowgirl/cowboy with Lucas pushing himself down on Bjorn's cock going balls deep over and over. Balls deep is always the best for every scene, but especially with really huge cocks like Bjorn the bottom taking the cock down to the balls not wasting 1 mm of the top's cock. Lucas is such a great model, I could happily watch him in new scenes once or twice a week for years to come =)

biggerthebetter, 01/June/2017

I applause biggerthebetter He is so accurate OK

pugs , 01/June/2017

I also missed an intro as we are used to when John Smith produces...but the great action especially the juicy boyhole licking of Lucas Drake makes makes me all in all staisfied!

Chris, 01/June/2017

Bjorn and Lucas together on a sofa ....hmmmmm...i bet they didnt care about the pool....all they thought about was to enjoy themlseves. And Bjorn, with his cute big cock, and Lucas, with his permanent pretty smile, had a very good moment of sex. I loved to see that big cute cock opening such a pretty hole :)

Vaclav, 02/June/2017

OH MY! OH MY! OH MY! These are the points out of 10 awarded by the jury for this video: Missing beginning of pool scene = Nul points! Rimming of Lucas by Bjorn = 10 points! (The jury has made a special mention of this being the most authentic and very tasty rimming seen on Staxus for some time!) Fucking of Lucas by Bjorn = 10 points! (Special delights were the frequent withdrawals by Bjorn leaving poor Lucas gaping. A very wonderous sight to see!) During fucking of Lucas by Bjorn = 10 points! ATM is so very erotic and Lucas seems to love it. (The jury love to see it too and award maximum points!) The finale! The jury had to retire very early for a breather after seeing the creaming of Lucas by Bjorn. When Lucas's hungry hole began grasping, opening and closing of its own accord to try and hunt down and swallow the cream unloaded on to it by Bjorn, well, the jury had to take a complete break. However, we returned and took another very careful and studious look at Lucas's twitching, pouting, opening, closing rosebud, complete with its hot cream glaze, and we are all agreed that this is the most mighty, erotic, sexy, filthy (in a nice way!), and a total turn on which we doubt will ever be repeated in the anals (geddit?) of Staxus. Lucas! You are hereby award my juries Oscar for a performance above and beyond the call of duty!

BeeJay44, 02/June/2017

Everyone has their fetishes, mine is looking at an open asshole. Lucas's tight asshole which became more and more open as he was licked, eaten and then fucked was the biggest turn on for me. The cum on hole view was just superb. More hole views please!

I love hole, 02/June/2017

The opening scene is Award-Winnig-Inspiring & extremely beautiful in a wonderful setting with awesome music. This altogether is an incredible performance by both artists

Pugs , 02/June/2017

So, the little editing mistake has been repaired and NOW we can see the beautiful intro. That makes the scene classier and gives the models their real dimensions: they are not only flesh!

Jerry, 02/June/2017

Yes to see and watch an open asshole is also a fetisch of mine. One the boy has been fuckeed hard and after it the hole is open and one can look inside...- wonderful

Chris, 02/June/2017

Love a wonderfull twink pucker and his balls. So hot!!

bently, 03/June/2017

The start of the scene is so hot now, Lucas watching Bjorn. Those eyes of Lucas, beautifull! Great to watch guys!! I would have given it 5***** .

bently, 03/June/2017

Great vid. Both energetic models are so cute...Lucas has the best and most erotic asshole of the whole Staxus stable and the rimming close ups + cum shot views are all excellent !

Christian, 06/June/2017

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