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When The Bells Ring, Sc.2: Holy Lads Spread The Love With A Raw Fuck & A Baptism Of Goo!

4.1/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 04/June/2017
Duration: 26 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Connor Rex and Zac Law are a couple of wholesome, devout Mormons, who clearly feel called to spend time out on the town. Not to drink and party, as you might expect with boys their age; but to act as a witness to their faith and to do good wherever they see the opportunity. That’s not their only calling, however. Back in the privacy of home, where they spend time reading scripture together, they also feel called to express their love for each other in the only way they know how – something we feel might not go down so well with their Church’s hierarchy.

But horny boys will be horny boys; and it doesn’t take many minutes before the two spiritual brothers are expressing their lusts and affections in the only way that they know. As a result, Law’s down on Rex’s handsome ramrod like a hungry dog with a bone; before Rex responds in kind, and then the two lads engage in a heated mutual exchange in the form of some delicious 69-ing. All of which culminates in something of a playful tease from director John Smith, with Rex eagerly rimming Law’s pert little ass – a move that might lead anyone to assume that it’s Law who’s gonna get heartily buggered.

On the contrary, however, Rex then promptly bounds onto Law’s rock-solid shaft to prove that he’s the only bitch in this relationship; riding dick like a pro in a succession of hot positions, interspersed by him gobbling on the source of his pleasure. It’s a top-notch performance for sure, and one that soon has Rex squirting out a hot load; before he receives a much-welcomed baptism of jizz all over his cute face!

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Don't like this scene, not nice to say, but Zac is not attractive to me at all with his neck tattoo. I don't like hairy creases and asses. The filming/camerahandling average. This ain't Staxus-standard.

bently, 04/June/2017

These are two gorgeous guys, and this is a very hot performance. I loved the whole episode. Connor is truly versatile, loving the horny rimming of Zac's super hole. A real turn on for me. The bareback fucking of Connor is the very best. Wonderful. The scenes that Staxus provide get better and better, or so it appears, as each one is a winner. The final two cum shots are great, just wish they had both cum over my face. Yum Yum Yum! Keep it up Staxus!

Ryan, 04/June/2017

I love Connor's build and his body hair. He's so fine.

GaryHerbert, 04/June/2017

The ugly haircut of Zac doesn't help to like this scene that would have need a little more passion. I prefer Connor without body hair but he is always sexy and I understand that some members apreciate him like that.

Jerry, 04/June/2017

Was mir gut gefallen hat, endlich Jungs die den Rasierwahn NICHT zum Opfer gefallen sind, sowie die ATM Szenen... Was mir jedoch wieder absolut auf den Wecker ging, der Schnitt/Übergang z.b in der 15.06 Minute, als Zac die Flasche mit den Gleitmittel holte..endlich sieht man es, wie Zac sich den Schwanz einreibt um in den engen arsch von Connor zukommen...(so wie es auch im echten so wäre, zumindest bei den meisten) dachte ich mir, aber dann der Schnitt..aufeinmal steckt Schwanz schon drin... Da war der Film schon wieder negativ gelaufen... Dann diese abwixerei am Schluss ...geht meist immer ins Leere ...zumindest immer bei einem der Jungs ..Immer das gleiche in den Filmen...wird langweilig, weil man weis was kommt.. Den Jungs würde ich 4-5 Sterne geben, den Film im allg. nur 3 Sterne..u.a wegen den Schnitt

dieter, 04/June/2017

Every second of this stuff was a pleasure to watch. very cute boys and I like the flexibility Connor shows. As a bottom he is the perfect guy. Who would not like to put his rod into this hot "boy cavern"...4,5 of 5 points

Chris, 04/June/2017

Both these gorgeous Boys have many talents. I Would love to see them in their own environment. Conner is an angel & I Love him. Zac has many attributes & needs to think of how he presents himself. Loved the way they both enjoyed each other. they were a pleasure to watch.

pugs, 04/June/2017

The 12th and the 13th photos are so hot when Zac`s dick stuck deep into Connors ass...I hae a boner all time just thinking of it...

Chris, 04/June/2017

LOVE Connor's combination of baby face and body hair. He's a keeper! Hope to see lots more of him.

Etienne, 08/June/2017

I do think that Zac is perhaps a little on the small side (for being a top in porn) but any scene with Connor taking something up his tight bum for me means 4 star rating (or more)

biggerthebetter, 08/June/2017


I love hole, 11/June/2017

Both guys are great but Zac is one of my favourites. I prefer his haircut in the other scene but everything else is perfect

CM, 12/June/2017

Superb rimming. I love how Connor kept adding more saliva to the hole and deeply licking and kissing it. The kissing throughout was excellent and very arousing. Zac's looks are a little offbeat and I find him very appealing. 5/5 for sure.

Ty Huber, 24/February/2018

Agree with some of the other comments – Zac’s haircut is bizarre and I can only bemoan the obsession that modern young men have with tattoos. Why someone would choose to have a lovely boy body covered by such things is a real mystery to me. These are distractions to the scene’s action though – which works well. Connor is great as usual – gorgeous body, love his belly and nipple hair, kisses and cums really well. His moans never seem mechanical or robotic which leads me to think that he really enjoys the sex – especially when he bottoms. Also the slight flushing to his face when he’s fucked and the blissful look on his face when he cums are beautiful to watch. Loved Zac’s cumshot too and I’d suggest he might be better shaved – I think it would help the viewer with the definition of his ass and hole. Finally, Connor working his saliva into Zac'c hole during the rimming scene was a triumph.

docmoc, 14/March/2018

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