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Staxus Classic: Bareback FM - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 11)
Added: 06/June/2017
Duration: 17 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s a hot, sweaty evening and hunky John Stone is alone at work on the night shift, so it’s perhaps not surprising that his mind is wandering and he’s feeling distinctly horny. So horny, in fact, that he decides to pick up his mobile and give his friend Peter a call. To be fair, we never actually discover who Peter is – save to say that he’s clearly just as horned-up as Stone and obviously only too ready and willing to engage in a phone-wank. But events take something of a twist when Stone realises that he isn’t actually alone in the building and that there’s a Peeping Tom – in the form of effeminate pup, Johny Lee – who’s quietly getting off on watching Stone and having a wank in the shadows. Not that the fellow remains undisturbed for long.

Cutting short his phone conversation, Stone very quickly goes to find his prey – pulling Lee into the open and giving the fellow a clearly much-needed blow-job, which Lee quickly replicates. Of course, there’s obviously one way this escapade is headed, and will surely come as no surprise to anyone when Stone bundles the youngster up onto a table and promptly slips his red raw shaft deep into Lee’s hungry little arse-hole.

It’s a move that sure as fuck sends this encounter towards a whole new level; as Stone pounds away for all he’s worth, and Lee wanks away on his dick like he’s never jerked off before! No feckin’ wonder that both lads are soon reaching the point of unsustainability, with Stone desperately interrupting his fuck in order to coat his buddy’s face; leaving Lee to sign off with his own climax whilst gobbling on Stone’s spent dick.

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2 beautiful models, not overexposed, as often in remastered videos, in a nice bareback scene.

Jerry, 06/June/2017

homosexual Love is the highest Expression of the God's Love. What is most pure of the Love of these two Creatures, with that little Boy so sweet, cute, polite? Delightful Expression of new Generations increasingly geared towards gay Love, to powerful and sweet Sodomy? When I meet a Boy like this, I tell him: "Love, sweet Angel, you are the Future of the World, you are pure Gold".

PaoloMonaco, 26/September/2017

obviously, my post was just an exaggeration, a hyperbole. spiritual love is always better.

obviously, my post was just an exaggeration, a hyperbole., 27/September/2017

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