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Raw Cuddles, Sc.1: Handsome Newbie Gives & Takes A Hard Spunky Session Of Dick! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 11/June/2017
Duration: 25 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s a school of thought which says that porn is too artificial and that viewers never get to see models as real people. If that’s indeed true then the start of this terrific set-piece between Connor Rex and Jan Kotrba will almost certainly go down a treat, with the new boy taking the opportunity to talk directly to the camera about who he is and his experiences. To be fair, there’s something a tad nostalgic about the whole episode – Kotrba reminiscing about times past, whilst melancholic music tinkles in the background. But the introduction of Rex soon lightens the experience considerably; with both lads quickly slipping out of their briefs and Rex falling to his knees to make the most of every meaty inch that is now throbbing away in his mate’s crotch.

It’s a delicious introduction to Kotrba’s handsome ramrod that’s for sure, and the magnetism between these lads only electrifies further when the taller, more muscular new boy pushes Rex manfully down onto the sofa so that he can suck his balls and rim his arse. No question about it, Kotrba’s getting ready to fill that pert little rump for all he’s worth; and before you know it young Rex is being skewered like a bitch in a succession of hot positions.

Anyone jumping to the conclusion that our novice has an aversion to a little variety in his love-life is in for a major surprise, however. Having given Rex the pounding the slut deserves, the guys switch roles so that Kotrba can enjoy his own sweet submission; before returning to top so that he can fill his mate’s guts with jizz and allowing Rex to sign off with his own geyser-like finale!

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Realy Staxus, I don't want to offend anybody......, but I stay stum....... Maybe a few extra scenes the coming week!!

bently, 11/June/2017

OMG, Connor's haircut. Even ignoring that, this was very boring,

dr, 11/June/2017

I actually don't think the scene was all that bad. So yes, it was generally a "lazy scene" and the guys didn't really have that much energy together, but I kinda liked Connor's au naturale crotch, the skin around his crotch looked super sexy. I don't think that he was a good bottom though. Jan has my vote for the better performer (both as a top and a bottom) at least he opened up to the camera a little bit more when he was getting fucked by Connor!

I love hole, 11/June/2017

This pairing doesn't work very well and the lack of passion despite the required kissing let place at a robotic fuck scene with a bad lighting.

David, 11/June/2017

I have to say I do look forward to seeing Conner. I do have a soft spot for this delicious Boy. The pairing for this scene did not seem right for me. Loved the thick cock of Jan & him cumming inside Conner (I thought more could have been made of this). Overall I gave 4 stars but please please sack Conner's hair dresser:-(

pugs, 11/June/2017

Connor is a juwel, please keep him but the new guy named Jan is only average but it is a matter of taste for sure....

Chris, 11/June/2017

In general I do not like flip flops, but this one was really nice. I really enjoyed all the kissing, nipple licking, touching and lots of variations in the sex positions. All in all very nice

biggerthebetter, 11/June/2017

Throwing two models together and don't care if they form an onscreen connection and have this chemistry that will be reflected in the sex action may produce a boring scene like this one.

Jerry, 13/June/2017

Connor Rex does not look like Connor Rex!!! Jan is a bit of a bore but coming inside Connor's ass is sexy.

Glen, 18/June/2017

I love this scene with the flip fucking with two sexy boys. But the best of all was seeing the cum dribble out of Connor's hole. This really is a big turn on for me.

Ryan, 25/November/2017

More of Jan Kotrba, please. He must be hot in tight shorts or sport wear.

JAGarcia, 06/December/2017

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