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Kinky Housemates, Sc.4: Sex-Toy Delivery Turns The Switch To A Fun-Filled Raw Fucking! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 17/June/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


Contrary to popular opinion, young Mike Cole isn’t always having sex. There are times – as is the case in the opening moments of this kinky little set-piece with plantinum-blond, Dylan Scott – when he likes to take things easy with a good book and relax. That said, it doesn’t take much to distract him; so when Scott enters the room with a collection of sex-toys that the fellow has ordered off the internet, Cole quickly puts his reading to one side so that he can join in the fun. And indeed, neither of these boys hold back from investigating these private treasures – sticking electrodes on their dicks and thrusting dildos up their arses with the kind of no-holds-barred enthusiasm that you’d probably expect from our stars.

Eventually, however, such delicious experimentation raises the libidos of these lads so much that they can’t hold back from engaging in something a little more traditional and basic; as Cole takes full aim on his buddy’s pert little fuck-hole and thrusts his meaty love-stick deep into Scott’s guts.

It’s exactly the kind of move that would spark either of these sluts into full-throttle sodomy – in this instance Scott immediately responding by promptly sitting on his mate’s cock and riding it like his very life depended on it. Given the electricity between them, it’s not at all surprising that the spunk is soon overflowing; Scott dumping a handsome wad mid-fuck, before Cole coats his pal’s stubbled face with a thick, creamy brew of baby-batter in return. Little wonder that Angel Lopez – walking in on the pair at the end – is a tad disappointed that he’s missed all the action!

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Mike is a superb looking guy and a great performer. But somehow Dylan doesn't rise to the occasion. The sox were a turn-off for me.

Glen, 18/June/2017

Even the handsome Mike Cole can't save this boring scene nor the cum eating at the end. I liked the lighting but Dylan's look is a turn off. I'm sure he could be very attractive after shaving and with a nice haircut. The look is major part of a model work.

Jerry, 18/June/2017

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