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Staxus Classic: Bareback Twink Ranch - Scene 5 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 14)


Ernest Blu, John Vulcan

Added: 01/July/2017
Duration: 17 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not often that you get a boy loving a girl in a gay porn flick, although in this particular instance the boy is a ranch-hand (Ernest Blu) and the girl is one of his horses! Other than that it’s most definitely business as usual when the young, handsome fellow returns to the saddle-room at the stables for an unexpected encounter with the dashing John Vulcan, who has come to thank Blu for all his recent help and support. Of course, you don’t really need to be too much of an expert to understand that Vulcan’s intentions are perhaps not quite as innocent and benign as he might like you to think; and the fact that he catches young Blu without his shirt on only underlines where this rendezvous is headed.

Needless to say, Vulcan is soon taking his chance – sneaking a kiss with his hero, which quickly turns into a full-blown snog. What’s more, he doesn’t show hesitation in making a beeline for Blu’s crotch; promptly diving straight to the lad’s dick and feasting on the heady, swollen flesh that he discovers there. It’s a move that Blu is clearly only too keen to replicate in return; but by this point what the guy really wants is to bury his hard, uncut schlong deep into Vulcan’s pucker, and you won’t be at all surprised to discover that that’s exactly what Vulcan hopes for too.

Cue a fantastic display of male-on-male rutting that serves as a fitting finale to this Vlado Iresch classic; with Vulcan manfully taking every inch that’s on offer. All of which soon results in both boys rupturing their nads in explosive fashion, leaving Vulcan coated in sticky spunk and looking as satisfied as fuck!

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Cute boys and scene and I love just this remastering! Love the simplicity ofvthe shooting and the eagerness of the boys.

bently, 01/July/2017

Very sexy movie!

Ryan, 03/July/2017

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