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Big Is Better, Sc.3: Poolside Twink Gets His Holes Filled To The Max With A Big Dick! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 02/July/2017
Duration: 26 minutes
Comments: 25


For those who enjoy seeing contrasts between their pairings, this horny little escapade between Bjorn Nykvist and Mark Fontana will surely tick all the right boxes. Tall, lithe and fair-headed, Nykvist is almost the complete opposite to the young Spaniard – Fontana being distinctly petite, darker-skinned and tattooed. Two things that they do have in common, however, is the fact that they’re both distinctly well-hung and that they both have a ferocious appetite for cock; which even if we didn’t realise beforehand, soon becomes apparent as the two fellows frolic both in and out of their swimming-pool.

Indeed, it’s not too long before both lads are ready to take their interest in each other to a whole new level – heading to a private room, where they promptly begin to take turns at sucking each other off. Clearly enthused, the pairing then uptake 69-position on a sofa; simultaneously devouring cock like it was the only thing that they were born to do. Such a natural sense of purpose only continues when Nykvist – as the taller, more physically dominant party – turns his attention to his buddy’s hairless little pucker, rimming the hole for all he’s worth before ploughing hard into Fontana’s guts.

What ensues is a classic power-bottom performance from the Spanish lad, with Nykvist fucking his mate in literally every position imaginable – including a mid-air ass-banging bonanza that once again only emphasizes the Czech guy’s physical mastery. All of which – not surprisingly – results in Fontana getting a heavy wad of jizz in the arse; before he himself splatters into Nykvist’s mouth!

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Beautiful rimming and fucking. These are two wonderful porn stars. Bjorn using his tongue on the beauty hole of sweet Mark is just too fantastic! Then seeing Mark riding Bjorn's huge cock is just so hot and got me so horny!!! I love you boys and you too Staxus!

Ryan, 02/July/2017

I'll be short, because im addicted to Bjorn and im starting to be addicted to Mark as well. Bjorn is always a gentleman when he fucks, but he's (very) good. And Mark...well well... i simply love a guy when he's hungry for a cock!

Vaclav, 02/July/2017

All in all every second of this video made me satiesfied. Such a nice rimming and Mark is the perfect guy to be pounded hard. Brilliant...

Chris, 02/July/2017

Very hot and nice vid. The long rimming by Bjorn of Mark's delicious ass is as great as the cumshot in his hole ! Plus the final cummy kissing was the best part. A real keeper. Thanks to all.

christian, 02/July/2017

These Gorgeous Boys had so much fun in a lovely setting & I loved the few spoken words. This was a joy to watch over & over again Thank You Staxus.

pugs, 02/July/2017

Great scene, just love Bjorn. But.....that awfull neck-tattoo! Horrible. 4****

bently, 02/July/2017

My first comment wasn't complete. The scene was great to watch for some parts. But I missed chemistry, therefore being realy horny and eager to fuck after the swimming. This clearly wasn't the case hence no stiffies under the shower and at the start on the couch. The end was poorly camerahandling, relay boring. Job done?! But being a Bjorn fan still 4****

bently, 03/July/2017

I also wonder a little disappointed why so many young newcomers bodies are beeing "destroyed" with ugly too big tatooes...:-( Not my cup of tea

Chris, 03/July/2017

Hot seeiing Bjorn shooting his creamy cumload directly into his mate s welcome little assload,,,,more of it please !

Christbdx, 04/August/2017

true Elegance Mark that make wonderful Sodomy doggy, with his noble Virility so in beautiful Show. But gorgeous the final gay Kiss between the two Boys, who swap with clearly Lust the holy Juice of their Love.

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

but, In my Opinion, gay Love reaches its Peak when it is true Mystic, true Spirituality, no more material.

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

'Mark" is easy on the eyes but 'Bjorn' must carry a stick to beat off both genders overwhelmed by his beauty.

thunderball, 06/November/2017

Bjorn and I are very similar in stature, except for one very sizable attribute.

Mark, 19/February/2018

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