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Staxus Classic: Bareback FM - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 16)


Milan Breeze, Ernest Blue, Tony Koch

Added: 04/July/2017
Duration: 25 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


You’re feeling as horny as fuck and are making out with one of your buddies – so is it any wonder that you get a bit pissed off when the doorbell rings all your plans for a good fuck get interrupted? That’s certainly the way that Tony Koch and Ernest Blue must feel when their bathroom encounter hits a premature pause thanks to the arrival of an insurance salesman (Milan Breeze) – resulting in Koch heading into the next room, whilst Blue continues to soak in the bath. Of course, at this point you’d probably be forgiven for expecting Koch to tell the visitor that he isn’t interested in insurance and to head back to the bathroom to continue his antics with Blue. But this isn’t real life; and in porn the introduction of an “unexpected” visitor always lead to an additional level of intensity in the action.

Indeed, so it proves here; with Blue left hanging about in the bathroom whilst Koch promptly seduces Breeze out of his suit by offering his hard cock as a very tempting bonus to his sales pitch. Not that Blue remains there for long, it must be said. Realising that something’s going on between Koch and the guest, he’s soon stepping out of the bath-water – to discover his boyfriend’s betrayal! Far from chiding Koch for such blatant infidelity, however, Blue immediately joins in on the action – signalling the start of a terrific three-way daisy-chain fuck, that sees both Koch and Blue getting their ass-holes stretched to buggery! All of which soon culminates in a veritable spunk-fest, with Breeze splattering Koch’s pucker; before Koch and Breeze paint Blue’s face with a tsunami of cum!