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Willing Courier, Sc.4: Little Boy Lost Gets A Hard Fuck & Facial From A Muscled Stud! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 49)
Added: 27/July/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s difficult to decide who has the more ridiculous attire: Rob Nielsen, who’s exercising in the woods wearing what can only be described as the skimpiest pair of shorts ever designed, or Connor Rex, who’s working for a cycling courier service donning a tight-fitting body-suit that pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination! Either way, their chance encounter in the Czech countryside soon leads to their clothes being promptly abandoned; with Nielsen taking advantage of the fact that Rex is clearly lost to show the young twink exactly the kind of hard-dicked fun can be had in these remote parts. Unsurprisingly, Rex doesn’t take much in the way of persuading.

Nielsen’s handsome, muscular body and Tintin looks are enough to drive even the most restrained, doe-eyed twink into a sexual frenzy; and within seconds of Nielsen having discovered a towel inside Rex’s bag and laid it out on the floor, the youngster has his face skewered down on the blond stud’s dick, gobbling away for all he’s worth. To his credit, Nielsen is only too willing to enjoy his share of sucking cock in return, but it really is a case of “No shit, Sherlock” when he flips his young prey over and begins to very eagerly rim the lad’s hairless little pucker.

It’s a move that serves as a prelude to a wild, energetic fuck; with Nielsen hammering away at Rex’s deliciously raw guts for all he’s worth. All of which culminates in what can only be described as the divinely, nad-draining sight of the blond stud quite literally white-washing Rex’s face; leaving the young beauty dripping with jizz as he wanks himself off!

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If there is ever a global extinction-level event, where only a tiny fraction of humanity can be saved by launching them into space to find a home on another planet, I want to nominate Connor for rescue. His hotness could be the key to sustaining the human race.

GaryHerbert, 27/July/2017

HaHaHa! to the above comment. Very good! I like this video. Rob is a studly twink,but a very sweet one at that! Who could resist him or Connor on such a chance encounter? I'd be a complete sucker for the charms of either of them. HaHaHa! This has all the elements of a lovely video. Sucking, rimming, bareback and a wonderful explosion of cum on Connor's face. Connor responded with his own great cum load. Delicious loads from both boys. Give us more!

Ryan, 27/July/2017

Perfect chemistry! Love sexy outdoor cyclist scenes A++++

Robbie Hill, 27/July/2017

For me, not the best. Rob is too muscular although gives a nice ball bursting facial over sweet Connor's face and into his mouth.

Coco, 27/July/2017

Connor ist mein absoluter Traumtyp, habe ich schon in vorherigen Kommentaren mitgeteilt. Er ist süß hat ein megasympathisches Lächeln und ein Arschloch, das man einfach auslecken muss...geile Outdoor- Location

Chris, 27/July/2017

Rob is supreme with his rimming technique. He certainly loves the taste of his lovers' hot holes. He's just hot!

ryan, 28/July/2017

beautiful lips and blond hair of rob reminds me of my classmate in hi school

martyn, 01/August/2017

I'd LOVE to go on that bike ride with Connor & suck the cum out of that sweaty cock!

Mwhisky , 06/August/2017

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