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Willing Courier, Sc.3: Pill-Popping Blond Gets His Arse Popped & Creamed By Hot Pal! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 10/August/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


Having a boyfriend who’s a courier has its benefits – not least of all the fact that he can bring you all kinds of exciting things in his delivery sack at the end of his delivery round. Which is something that young newbie, Casey Flip, discovers when Martin Rivers drops in to present the fellow with a little surprise. No, not an engagement ring – although you’d be forgiven for thinking that by the shape and size of the box that Rivers hands over! – but rather a tiny blue tablet that has the miraculous potential to boost their sex-life.

Minutes later, and both boys are sporting the kind of hard-on in their shorts that would get even a eunuch worked up into a sexual frenzy; and it’s little wonder that the lads are quickly smooching away like a couple of whores in anticipation of some hardcore action to come. Of course, it comes as no surprise that those monstrously over-swollen dicks are soon on full display; with the lads top-and-tailing on the sofa to enjoy a sultry session of 69-ing.

But experience tells us that it won’t be long before the urge to have his guts filled to the brim with man-meat will soon prove way too much for a guy like Rivers; and it really comes as no great surprise when he finally presents his arse to Flip, so that his buddy can first energetically rim the hairless beauty and then finally pound it with his dick for all he’s worth! Suffice it to say that nothing is left to the imagination as Rivers is pummelled in a series of positions; before Flip quite literally fills his pucker with fresh teen cream. A beautifully sordid display, topped off by Rivers jetting goo all over his own belly!

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Well done, Staxus. You have given us a fine video featuring the two most beautiful boy models now working for your studio. In my opinion both Casey Flip and Martin Rivers should be used primarily as bottom boys, getting fucked by large, big-dicked, muscular, top studs. Still, one can hardly complain about any video that features such adorable, pretty young boys as Casey and Martin. Now let's see more Staxus videos featuring Casey and Martin both performing in their best roles, as bottom boys being fucked, bred, and fed huge loads of cum from big-dicked, muscular top men, including top men with huge black cocks.

Professormarvel, 10/August/2017

more martin!

martinfan, 10/August/2017


Robbie Hill, 10/August/2017

Yes I am very much a martin fan & he is on my desk top picture. Love these Boys. Yes agreed perfection. PS I am worried that Martin smokes as he is too beautiful to die so young & lose his sexual prowess. Also these Boys are in their Prime & do not need viragra. :-(

PUGS, 10/August/2017

This is a fantastic video. Two very sweet and beautiful boys performing in a highly sexed up and horny way. Martin has such a beautiful hole that just begs to be rimmed and fucked. As the above comment stated, they both make perfect bottoms. But I always love to see a normal bottom performing so eagerly as a top. It is a real turn on to see Casey rimming Martin. The cum he shot in Martin's hole is HOT! Neither actually needed Viagra, But it is a fun story. Casey also has a beautiful hole. But I could rim and fuck either or both of them in turn without needing Viagra! HeHeHe! 5 stars plus another 5 stars. Thank You!

Ryan, 10/August/2017

Stimme in allen Punkten Ryan zu. Ein saugeiles scharfes Video. Beide Boys sind total süß und scheinen total scharf aufeinander gewesen zu sein. Martins Arschloch ist der Wahnsinn, wer würde hier nicht gerne seine Zunge und sein Gesicht vergraben und seine geile warme feuchte Ritze genießen. Mit Abstand das Beste seit Wochen - danke Staxus!!!

Chris, 10/August/2017

...das ist doch genau das Staxus -Mitglieder Beuteschema der wohl meißten hier oder? Zuckersüße junge Bengel, denen das Drehen vor der Kamera Spass macht und richtig dicke fette saftende Kolben.. Bitte immer mehr davon, kriege ich nicht genug von!!! :-))

Chris, 10/August/2017

@staxus members: please read my comments in german above or if you don`t understand use a translater. My question is: Don`t you agree in every point I stated? :-) As a rèsumè : This is one of the best produced and published clip for month if even THE best. When Martin is involved everybody seems to be chatty and blessed. Hopefully staxus keeps him for eternity. Do not let him go. He is the staxus gay born star on earth...! I sometimes wonder why in Czech Republic so many adorable attractive dudes linger *lol* @staxus: If possible and wished please inform the actors about their talents and attractivity. They need to be told that they are the best. Not to compare why other studios e.g. Bel Ami where the hunks are to muskulor and superficial for me and almost everybody is straight. This is not the best requirement for making good gay porn..

Chris, 10/August/2017

@pugs: what does smoking have to do with loosing sexual power? ...Nothing..!!! .otherwise millions of people would be unfertile? A strange not comprehensible state! I am smoking for years and I have still sexual power *haha ...sometimes several times a day...

Chris, 10/August/2017

Two beautiful guys in a nice scene. I like Casey's hairy legs.

GaryHerbert, 11/August/2017

Yes! I agree with you. The fact that Casey retains some of his sexy, natural body hair makes him particularly adorable. I hope that Staxus will show us more pretty young boys with their sexy body hair unshaved and untrimmed. You might want to check out the stud in the recent Staxus video who was fucking (and getting fucked by) the shemale. That boy has very sexy, natural body hair, and it makes him very attractive.

Professormarvel, 12/August/2017

2 hot boys 1 hot scene, but would've been tablet melting hot if there was some cum sucking

Mwhisky , 12/August/2017

The best part of this clip is the slow and luscious greedy rimming of Martin's hole by Casey who really seems to love doing it. Great job.

christian, 13/August/2017

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