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Too Big To Fail, Sc.3: Big Black Cock Rewards Cute Lad With A Well Creamy Fuck-Hole! HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 65)
Added: 17/August/2017
Duration: 21 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Young cutie, Connor Rex, is feeling fucking horny. Of course, there’s nothing unusual about that – it’s kind of his permanent condition! – but on this occasion he’s got a hunger for black cock; and in Czechia that’s not always the easiest of desires to fulfil. Fortunately, he’s got a vivid imagination. So much so, in fact, that he’s soon able to conjure up the inimitable Marcus Campbell onto his sofa – at which point all his dreams of big black cock are well and truly made into very sweet reality. Of course, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the lad is soon hanging off that dark, handsome monster – his lips tightly embracing the full length of meat now on offer.

What might prove a little more unanticipated is the fact that Campbell is soon returning the favour, devouring Rex’s admittedly smaller cock with equal ferocity. Not that the black stud’s attention remains solely on the young twink’s dick for long. As ever with a guy like Campbell, his real goal is his twink buddy’s tight, hairless pucker; and it doesn’t take too long before he’s eagerly rimming that hungry hole for all it’s worth. That, of course, is but a prelude for the main course of action, as the black stud guides his dick into the pup’s guts and promptly indulges in the kind of invasion that a young lad like Rex quite literally lives for. Indeed, given the manner with which the boy rides that thick, dark salami you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that he’d really like to be permanently attached to it. As it is, however, the show ends with Rex getting a gooey arse; before Campbell gobbles the white boy to a sticky finale!

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In my humble opinion, this was one of the best interracial movies we saw on this site. Connor is a real gem and Marcus is a good looking black fucker. Connor obviously had to concentrate so he can take all that black cock in his lovely ass and it was a pleasure for me to see him getting fucked by such a long raw meat. Thanks for letting us see how Marcus shoots his load in Connor's ass.

Alex, 17/August/2017

Well, shit. Add Marcus Campbell to the list of people having more fulfilling lives than me. Connor is... soooo fine. Aye-yi-yi

GaryHerbert, 17/August/2017

Well, I would do everything to meet and have sex with Connor once in my life. I love this beautiful young horny slut! He is sexier than ever...Staxus jewel!!!

Chris, 17/August/2017

Hi. I really think this one has it all : 2 cute guys with great chemistry together that shows off in the whole video. Marcus takes care nicely of super cute Connor even titillating his tits while fucking him, Connors seems to really enjoy taking fully his big dick, even if he struggles a bit at the beginning. Plus all the niceties : ATM, good rimming, cum in hole, and nice cumkiss in the end. I'm just a bit surprised it gets at this moment only a modest 3.8 mark !

christian, 17/August/2017

...Markus Campbell is not very attractive to my mind :-( Only because of my angel Connor I voted 4 points!

Chris, 17/August/2017

A beautiful twink taking a huge black cock, when it comes to porn it doesn't get much better than this! Such a hot scene, the guys are amazing and Marcus really knows what he's doing great sex technique. I love tops like Marcus who dares to be in control, Marcus was very determined to stick his cock balls deep inside Connor all the time. And judging by both of the guys' faces they had a jolly good time doing this. Please more black cocks for Connor, the sight of him taking a black cock is a sight one could never ever grow tired of.

biggerthebetter, 17/August/2017

Realy Staxus, please just remaster a lot of scenes from the past to show!

bently, 18/August/2017

Black is beautiful is certainly true here. Beautiful sexy scene. Both guys are just soooo sexy here. I agree that Marcus is the tops. His willingness to perform is spectacular. His Licking, Rimming (mmmmm!) and fucking is second to none. More of both these guys please!

Ryan, 18/August/2017

Just want to add that I wish I could vote twice with 5 stars each time. This guy Marcus is yummy. Connor also is just great and has a wonderful sweet hole for licking! A third vote of 5 stars from me! Thank You Staxus!

Ryan, 18/August/2017

Finally, some more interracial content. This is why I belong to this site. Hot HOT stuff here, but I long for the good old days with Tyler and also those great 4-ways. MORE please!

Joe, 19/August/2017

I agree with the many other comments from Staxus members regarding this video: it is hot, excellent, first rate porn. Connor is not the most beautiful white twink working for Staxus now, but he is a fine young white twink, so having him fucked and bred by a big black cock made for great porn. I hope that Staxus will use Martin Rivers more as a bottom boy for comparable porn, and find other pretty young white twinks to get fucked by big black cocks: the bigger the better. Well done, Staxus.

Professormarvel, 19/August/2017


HENRI, 27/August/2017

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