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Hung Jury, Sc.4: Mega-Hung Brief Makes A Spunky Proposal To His Indecent Pup! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 77)
Added: 03/September/2017
Duration: 21 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


Floppy-haired beauty, Martin Rivers, is in trouble with the authorities for public indecency; but whilst the powers-that-be might not appreciate his very skimpy shorts and flesh-revealing shirt, Milan Sharp is clearly all in favour. And not just because the young lad’s regular court appearances are clearly boosting his bank balance! No, Sharp evidently appreciates every inch of his client’s flawless body – a fact that he makes plain by means of a knowing twinkle in his eye, whilst at the same time admonishing the twink for his feckless ways. After all, even a dusty-eyed lawyer can appreciate a pretty boy when they he sees one; and the donkey-dicked attorney certainly makes no effort to rebuke the lad further when Rivers buries his face into his crotch!

Then again, what fucking right-minded guy ever would? Nor does he show the slightest reticence when it comes to going over the finer points of the case with his horned-up client; feasting off the lad’s badly swollen dick, before feverishly rimming and then fucking Rivers’ arse and revealing quite a snazzy taste in underwear in the process! Unless you’ve got a particular fetish for pants, however, it’s the table-top fornication between these lads that’s gonna grab you most by the balls; with Sharp ramming every inch of his oversized knob into his bud’s derriere, before bundling the winsome puppy over to a nearby sofa to complete his violation. No doubt about it, this is one pumped-up brief who’s determined to work every ounce of cum out of his client; before blasting what can only be called a tsunami of goo all over Rivers’ face!

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Thank you Staxus! I will say it again: Martin is my dream boy! Great scene, and Milan, as good as usual.

david, 03/September/2017

Lovely stuff. Milan is sexy and great. His rimming of Martin's beautiful hole is fantastic. Made me just so horny. Milan has a superb cock and uses it in a very hot way. Loved the sexy underwear also. Martin looked just great being screwed in his. Mmmmm! 5 stars!

Ryan, 03/September/2017

Another face splattering from the king of jizz, Milan. How does he always manage to produce such floods of lovely hot cum. Nice that Martin lapped it up so appreciatively. Been good to have since some total nudity at some point...

Jhonny, 03/September/2017

Thank you for another fine scene, Staxus. Any video scene that shows Martin Rivers getting fucked bareback is likely to be a good scene. I agree with Jhonny that we want to see pretty boys getting fucked totally nude, not wearing clothes, no matter how sexy those clothes may be. I hope that Staxus will find more pretty, young, white twinks like Martin Rivers, and use them as bottom boys in your videos. After the fucking, I love to see them eating big loads of hot cum, and getting their butt holes bred with lots of cum, as well. All things considered, this is another great video scene from Staxus.

Professormarvel, 03/September/2017

Martin River is such a hottie, and here with his sexy clothes...mhh made the scene perfect with Milan! Who can complain about that? Nobody for sure...:-) 5 points

Chris, 03/September/2017

martin is the best

martinfan, 03/September/2017

Milan is such a charmer, he should be a diplomat. Martin is a special beauty and I was definitely digging his sexy outfit.

GaryHerbert, 08/September/2017

gorgeous the leather Jock of Martin. Just a gorgeous Boy to worship. Delicious these Boys that love the elegant Sodomy. The Boys are today more and more beautiful oriented. It's a Trend of the World. The important Thing is to love, without Complexity, without stupid Moralisms. Men or Women do not make any Difference. Although, in my Opinion, Homosexuality is the Future. A Future to be taught in Schools, because Boys and Students understand the Beauty and Nobility of gay Love. As to the Video, very beautiful Martin's Orgasm, her beautiful erect Sex ejaculating (aristocratically) the God's Glory.

PaoloMonaco, 11/September/2017

but, I ask: and if these beautiful Boys choose a non-molecular, eternal, immortal Sexuality?

PaoloMonaco, 11/September/2017

wow.. martin is soooo hot!

reaggeman, 13/September/2017

I had been looking forward to seeing Milan and Martin together. I was disappointed that Milan didn't get naked in this scene. He's got a great body, so why not show it??

Steve, 10/October/2017

Martin and MIlan in incredible sex scene. Sexy, hot and very sensitive....

konstantin, 11/January/2018

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