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Offside Trap, Sc.2: Flip-Flop Flip Gives His New Footie-Buddy A Right Hard Fucking! HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 07/September/2017
Duration: 28 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s no wonder that sporting buddies Casey Flip and new boy, Rudy Stone, are in need of a drink. Kicking a ball around together in the hot weather is very thirsty work, after all; but if you think they won’t have any energy left to fool about then you’re in for a big surprise. Fact of the matter is that more water goes over each other than actually gets drunk, which in turn leads to both lads having to take their shirts off. This, being porn, naturally only leads to one thing; and before you know it the two mates are exchanging a hungry smooch, with Flip taking an early dive onto Stone’s already badly swollen ramrod. Unfortunately, a public park is not exactly the best place to enjoy a blow-job – unless, of course, you want to end up being arrested or something! – so the two lads head back home to take off exactly where they left off outside.

As such, it’s a case of kits off and cocks out; with both lads taking it in turns to feast on the meaty shafts they had stuffed inside their soccer shorts, before Stone finally turns his eye to his mate’s pert little rump. Cue a rigorous session of rimming and fingering of Flip’s tight hole; before Stone – who, like his mate, is still donning his sporting jocks – thrusts his meaty shaft inside. Ever the sharing pair, however, all this is but a prelude to a flip-flop turnaround, with Stone promptly plonking himself down on Flip’s cock and riding his buddy in return. Indeed, there’s no denying the fact that it’s Stone who probably enjoys most of the anal action here; before both team-mates call it a score-draw by creaming off to a gooey crescendo!

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Great scene, really hot models and great passion from both

Staxusfan, 07/September/2017

This is just great. Love the football theme to start with. Very sexy boys who both love to fuck and be fucked. They certainly both seem to enjoy it. New boy Rudy does a great rimming job on sweet Casey's hole. He can't seem to get enough of it. Then the flip fucking is superb. Nothing so great as seeing more than one fucking action in a scene. Great cum shots from both boys. Mmmm! More of both these boys please!

Ryan, 07/September/2017

great models, but what's with all the klunky soccer gear? (the Aug 31 scene was compromised by soccer gear too). Most of us vastly prefer to see sex scenes where the models are completely naked

nate, 07/September/2017

I agree with Nate with regard to total nudity.

Marcius, 07/September/2017

Erneute geile Fussballszene. Finde Rudy besonders heiss und geil. Scharf!

Chris, 07/September/2017

Nagut. ich als Rimming Fan würde gerne wissen wie diese süßen Boys aus dem Arschloch riechen, würde gerne mal näher kommen*hehe...geile Szene

Chris, 08/September/2017

This was a hot scene and reminded me of an early encounter. I like to see guys sweat like that, 'cause it lets you know there's some FUCKIN' going on. Casey's a cutie. I'd love to work with him on some anal relaxation techniques, no matter how long it might take. :-)

GaryHerbert, 09/September/2017

Rudy Stone is gorgeously sexy, lovely hair and a confident handsome performer, who I hope we see often. He is endowed with a big beautiful dick that he uses skilfully, loves rimming and takes a cock up his arse while maintaing his erection, and he has a very sexy figure and pert enticing butt. Thanks Staxus for giving him to us, please find lots of work for him. Incidentally, i don't agree with the two guys about nudity 100% of the time - some of us love jocks and modern underwear, kinky or otherwise - though I do agree Staxus models as sexy as this pair look great sporting their goods in the raw.

britpig, 10/September/2017

Love Rudy Stone! He's such a great performer and the reason why I've rejoined. Hope to see him in more versatile action - a dream would be a flip flop fuck with Jaro Stone ( the 2 brothers! LOL).

bucko07, 29/October/2017

Whoa it made me very uncomfortable to watch Casey acting like he is in such terrible pain. I know some are turned on by this but sorry, that's creepy. How can this boy act like he's never had a cock in him? It isn't such a big cock either. Casey I'm sorry hon you needed some prep time for this.

Tim, 13/February/2018

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