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Bare Buff Builders, Sc.1: Dreamin’ Blond Builder Gets His Cute Arse Hammered & Gaped! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 40)
Added: 10/September/2017
Duration: 28 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


Like many a gay man, STAXUS favourite, Bjorn Nykvist, is a horny dreamer. For this aspiring builder-boy, however, it seems that dreams can always become a reality – something that becomes all too apparent when handsome stud, Rudy Stone, suddenly appears in the middle of a very sweaty workout. It’s a total unbridled fantasy, of course – made all the more apparent by the fact that the newbie promptly abandons his exercises in favour of energetically smooching Nykvist’s face off! – but who the fuck’s complaining? Least of all when both lads quickly get their cocks out of their shorts and start feasting on all the rampant flesh on offer like hard work doesn’t matter anymore.

Indeed, we’ve a distinct feeling that most fans will be seriously fapping away by the time these buddies are 69-ing on top of a bag of cement; before Stone turns his keen eye to blond boy’s all-too-eager fuck-hole. That, of course, signals the start of the second half of proceedings, as Nykvist gets bundled over the sacks and has every inch of his workmate’s delicious schlong stuffed into his arse – a move that sends the horned-up bottom into serious overdrive. In fact you get the serious impression that Nykvist really can’t get enough of dick at this point – and absolutely no wonder! Stone ploughs into the lad’s pucker like a being possessed, leaving the sweet, hairless hole gaping in appreciation; and it should be no surprise that our hero is soon squirting his wad in all directions. A glorious crescendo that’s surely only eclipsed by the sight of Nykvist’s face getting whitewashed moments later!

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so pleased to see Rudy Stone again , a strong second video performance and follow up to his debut a few days ago - he is smouldering with sexuality alongside his natural physical endowment - perfect skin, sexy hair and enticing figure sporting a fine big cock which he uses to perfection on his happy partner Bjorn. Truly, a big find and I hope we can enjoy Rudy in many videos to come.

britpig, 10/September/2017

I am blown over with this great piece of artistry. It's absolute perfection. These two great performers give us over 28 minutes of sexual delight. The setting is most unusual for such a wonderful performance. I can't imagine how both boys kept the momentum going during the making of this film. I think they should both get film awards. Rudy is a wonderful top, keeping the action going with such stamina, and his rimming of Bjorn's beautiful hole is second to none. In return Bjorn is so alive and sexual and showing his adoring acceptance of this lovely big cock, sucking Rudy's cock and balls with ecstasy. He gives up his hole to Rudy with real pleasure and excitement, and in such an extremely uncomfortable setting as a building sight. My beautiful boys, I give you both 5 stars over and over again! Needless to say, the direction and photography are both of the very best. I congratulate you Staxus!

Ryan, 10/September/2017

One of the best, if not THE best, scene of 2017! No more words needed! A++++

Robbie Hill, 10/September/2017

I agree that Staxus has again given us a very fine piece of erotic art; thank you, Staxus. Bjorn is a very beautiful and sexy bottom boy, and his natural attractiveness is greatly enhanced and increased by the fact that we can see and admire some of his natural body hair. I thank Bjorn and Staxus for not shaving off Bjorn's pubic hair, etc. The golden hair on Bjorn's chest, stomach, and pubic hair is very beautiful and erotic. In my opinion, beautiful boys like Bjorn are most beautiful if they look natural, with all of their natural body hair, and with plenty of hair on top of the head. Longish hair is one of the glories of a young man. Whenever one of the Staxus boys shaves off his hair by adopting a "crew cut", I am greatly disappointed. The handsome Staxus boys will have plenty of time to look bald and be bald once they have grown old. While they are young, they look best with plenty of hair. Once again, thank you, Staxus, for a great video.

Professormarvel, 10/September/2017

This video was so convincing in every aspect. I guess we members are almost all unique when we say Bjorn belongs to the favorites here on staxus. Nothing artificial, he just shows passion and enjoys every second beeing pounded by even the biggest and longest dicks. Nice location besides. I can`t find anything to critizise. This videos deserves to be hot, hot hot!!!

Chris, 10/September/2017

2 geile sexy Jungs treiben es auf einem Zementpäckchen auf der Baustelle - einfach nur scharf! Bei Bjorn merkt man, dass nichts gekünzelt wirkt und dass er wirklich Spass daran findet geil rangenommen zu werden. Wer würde seinen Kolben nicht gerne in so ein leckeres williges Arschloch stecken?... Die Boys sind genau das was Staxus ausmacht. Junge, schlanke, sexy und hübsche Kerle mit geilem Kaliber. Ich habe die Szene genossen. Toll! 5 Punkte, wenns ginge lieber mehr ;-)

Chris, 10/September/2017

Simply amazing the new guys you have now great to see some smaller lads. And with no trimmed areas Love the natural hairy ass on guys Well done. It's awesome Keep this up guys. Thank you XX

Martyn , 08/October/2017

Rudy is so handsome and masculine. And a powerful cock. More Rudy, please!

Maxim, 16/December/2017

And Bjorn can't ever get enough cum. It's beautiful to see. And what a cock cleaner she is. Rudy is a stud. Plain and simple.

Maxim, 20/December/2017

This HAS to be STAXUS' best video of 2017. These guys are simply fantastic! I'm already a fan of hunky Rudy Stone but watching Bjorn (more and more) is driving me crazy. I hope we see more of Nykvist in 2018 (as a top preferably)!! Thank you Staxus for all the beauty ;)

m Tourneur, 27/December/2017

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