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Offside Trap, Sc.4: Wannabe Player Proves His Worth With A Spunky Fuck-Fest! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 17/September/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 14 seconds
Comments: 25


The transition from playing in the junior squad to taking a position in the senior team is always a major moment for any wannabe footballer, and it goes without saying that it’s vitally important that the player maintains the encouragement and support of managers and agents to ensure as smooth a changeover as possible. Guys like Milan Sharp, who have their hands on the purse-strings, and whose support is vital if a young man like Casey Flip stands any chance of living out his dream of making it big in the sport. Fortunately for Flip, it seems that he is well versed on how to win the heart of a fellow like Sharp; and suffice it to say that before you know it the young lad is quite literally sat on the guy’s lap, demonstrating his willingness to do whatever it takes to turn his ambitions into reality.

Which to Sharp, of course, means getting his lips around the youngster’s handsome cock – not to mention ensuring that Flip does the same to his own notoriously oversized schlong! As such, it’s not long before the two fellows are eagerly 69-ing each other like a couple of cheap whores; until Sharp’s insatiable urge for dick quite literally overcomes him and he slaps himself down on Flip’s lap so that he ride the cute twink’s buttpicker for all he’s fucking worth. What follows is a terrific escapade of hard anal boy-sex, with Flip working his buddy’s pucker so hard that it’s left proudly gaping as a result. Little wonder that Sharp is soon spraying all over his own tummy; whilst Flip sounds the final whistle to a deal by merrily dumping a magnificent spew of hot spunk all over Sharp’s face!

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Beautiful and sexy. That applies to both the scene and to Casey and Milan. Hungry for Milan's hot and deliciously sexy pucker, Casey licks it and licks it again. It got me so hot and horny. I wanted them both. Casey is such a handsome boy, and such a wonderful cock. Milan also with wonderful ass cheeks and a beautiful hole to lust over. Hot and sexy the whole way through, then the final explosion of Casey's hot cum over the face of Milan. Oh yes!!! 5 stars and many more!

Ryan, 17/September/2017

Yes, agreed! Wonderful harmonic scene. The rimming was so hot! I am so much into the soccer themes, like the clothes and especially when sexy boys like Casey wear them. Nice!!!

Chris, 17/September/2017

The cum king returns!! Another massive squirt of jizz from Milan, closely followed by swallowing a big load from Casey. Some great cocksucking, rimming, ball licking in this clip, not to mention Milan's gaping asshole beckoning for more!

Jhonny, 17/September/2017

Die Fussballserie ist bislang in allen gezeigten Szenen mehr als sehenswert. Ich liebe Jungs in geilen Fussballklamotten und sexy Stutzen. Casey und Milan sind sehr heiss. Das Rimming hat mich in dieser Szene besonders angetörnt und das Rumgeficke - herrlich! Abspritzgarantie :-)

Chris, 17/September/2017

In my opinion Casey Flip is one of the most beautiful and attractive boys that Staxus has ever found to work as a model. Casey and Martin Rivers are the best and prettiest young models that Staxus shows us at present. However, in my opinion a boy as young and pretty as Casey (and Martin) should usually perform as a bottom boy rather than as a top. I want to see more scenes where Casey gets fucked by big, well-hung top men, and I want to see Casey eating big loads of cum and getting his boy pussy cream-pie bred. It would also be great to see Casey bottoming for a heavy hung black top man. Even if Staxus would have to pay Casey more money to be a bottom, the money would be well spent to produce great porn.

Professormarvel, 17/September/2017

Wow!!! Amazing. Both boys!!

david, 17/September/2017

...wollte noch hinzufügen, auch wenn die Szene sehr sehr geil war wie ich ja schon schrieb hätte ich lieber Casey in der passiven Rolle gesehen. In seinem Jockstrap lässt er sich bestimmt auch richtig gut vögeln. Naja vielleicht sehen wir ihn ja noch als passive Stute in einer kommenden Szene...:-)

Chris, 17/September/2017

A beautiful film with two gorgeous models. Some enthusiastic buggery and fellatio, culminating with some wonderful post orgasmic fellatio. Milan's fountain of sperm is spectacular, as always.

Mateusz, 18/September/2017

great scene.More of casey bottoming PLEASE

larry, 18/September/2017

Ahh...the beautiful Milan Sharp! After all these years (well, not THAT many) still a cum god...well a blond god. This scene is a great semen showcase for him (I looove that). Casey is awfully cute, yet, I wish Milan had his infinite beauty ;) ;) Love you Milan <3

m Tourneur, 14/December/2017

This was great, but I wish you showed more (much more) of Casey there were hardly any shots of his amazing body. His face should be in more shots too, god he is so cute.

Tim, 13/February/2018

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