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Offside Trap, Sc.3: Overawed Fan Gets His Hungry Hole Called To Hot Raw Service! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 05/October/2017
Duration: 17 minutes, 13 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not every day that a young man gets invited to a footballer’s locker-room, but for the gorgeous Connor Rex – sat in a city park, savouring the foot-skills of the divine David Hollister – that’s exactly what happens here. Don’t think for one moment that Rex is going to end up admiring Hollister’s various trophies and medals, however; for having quickly realised that his somewhat overawed visitor has a thing for socks, the would-be sports-star promptly invites his new-found buddy to join him on the bench, at which point (unsurprisingly) things take on a decidedly carnal bent. Indeed, Hollister’s down on Rex quicker than you can say “Sparta Prague” – trailing his mouth across the youngster’s hairy belly, before diving straight into Rex’s box to enjoy every inch of meaty flesh that’s already straining inside.

Not that Rex is any less keen to encounter the sportsman’s dick face-to-face; slobbering along every inch of Hollister’s joystick, before rimming the buddy’s hairless pucker. But it’s Rex’s own hungry hole that serves as the setting for the anal action to come; with horny Hollister promptly packing a punch into the young lad’s fuck-hole, much to the clear delight of Rex. Indeed, just seeing the lad ride cowboy-style on Hollister’s raw ramrod is surely proof enough to anyone that this is a lad who’s quite literally delirious for cock; and we doubt there’ll be too many fans who aren’t wanking furiously away to a hot sticky climax long before both these lads spew for all they’re worth. An act that leaves Rex’s furry treasure-trail coated in a rich, satisfying gooey brew!

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j espere que nous verrons beaucoup de scènes de David Hollister il est chaud hyper bandent 5 etoiles

toine, 05/October/2017

je confirme David Hollister est sublime très chienne

phil, 05/October/2017

MY BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER F A B U L U O S )))) Thank You Staxus xxxxx *****

pugs, 05/October/2017

Connor has a very nice face, but he has to shave all his body hair because like this he is not attractive. Maybe next time a shaving movie.

Chrislover, 05/October/2017

What a wonderful debut for this new model! Both boys give a great performance. Love the longish rimming scene where David just licks and licks Connor's sexy hole. Connor licks David's tight little hole in return. Wonderful! Sucking and fucking is just great. But the climax is awesome when they take turns to shoot their virile loads of cum. Beautiful! I want more in the future please!

Ryan, 05/October/2017

Thank you Staxus!! David Hollister means PERFECTION to me. Extremely cute face and perfect body. We have a star here. Please, more David!!

david, 05/October/2017

In my opinion, David Hollister is a remarkably beautiful, sexy, and attractive young man. I hope we see a lot more of him, but as a bottom as well as a top boy. A young man as beautiful as David Hollister should be a bottom as much of the time as possible. And I hope that you will allow him to keep his sexy, natural body hair, with no shaving, and as little trimming as possible. The longish hair on David's handsome head is very attractive. Let's see lots more of David, please!

Professormarvel, 05/October/2017

Wonderful harmonic boys and romantic sex. New guy David Hollister paired with my cutie Connor makes everything perfect.

Chris, 05/October/2017

Wo holt sich Staxus nur immer diese süßen Boys her? Connor ist geil wie immer und der neue David - ein Schönling. Die beiden haben geilen Sex zusammen. Ein rundum gelungenes Video...

Chris, 05/October/2017

Wow...this David Hollister is really handsome and he seems to know what to do with Connor's dick. I'm thinking he has watched alot of porn or he is well versed in having sex with other guys. I love the soccer theme and the socks. David is wearing my favorite Czech soccer jersey. I would love to see David bottom as well, maybe a flip flop with Martin Rivers,

dr, 06/October/2017

Great comeback here from David... or early Liam Efron on belami./.freshman

pointer 123, 06/October/2017

Hot video. Both guys are good and sexy. The new David Hollister is so energetic : as many others, i d like to see him bottom or flip flop. When ?!

Christian, 15/October/2017

David, you're too nice !!!!

Paolo Monaco, 20/October/2017

But, let's talk about it, the ideal will win

Paolo, 21/October/2017

Connor is truly a delight to watch on every occasion. The Staxus actors in general share so much with the camera/viewers. There must be a special atmosphere on these sets. It's, like, a paradoxical mixture of intimacy, relaxation and, yes, innocence.

GaryHerbert, 26/October/2017

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