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Out Of The Woods, Sc.2: Newbie Gets Hole Fingered, Rimmed & Fucked By Big Raw Dick! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 12/October/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 20 seconds
Comments: 25


Seems like every horny bastard wants a taste of Greg Noll’s dick in this part of the woods – and no fuckin’ wonder! With a dong like that stashed in his shorts it’s a marvel he doesn’t get propositioned every hundred metres! But on this particular occasion it’s lucky new boy, Charlie Keller, who gets to enjoy a very pleasurable rendezvous with Noll’s curvy member; the two lads making their way through the trees to a quiet, semi-derelict cottage that looks like it hasn’t seen any action in years. If that is indeed the case then things are about to alter big time; with Keller immediately falling to his knees so that he can embrace his buddy’s handsome hole-stretcher with his sweet, young lips.

It’s almost enough to get any worked-up viewer into a state of sticky appreciation in itself; and matters only intensify when the two mates position themselves so that they can suck each other’s dicks simultaneously. Ultimately, however, it seems that Noll just can’t wait to give Keller’s virgin arse-hole the stretching that it clearly very richly deserves; first rimming the hairless pucker, then fingering it, and then finally thrusting every throbbing inch of raw cock inside. It’s a succession of hot moves that the young bottom clearly thrives on – yanking his dick furiously as Noll finally pounds away at his rump. But it’s unquestionably the sight of him bouncing up and down on his mate’s knob reverse-cowboy style that warrants greatest attention; and we’ve little doubt that fans everywhere will be spewing frantically long before Keller explodes geyse-style, then takes a deserved facial!

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I am so much fallen in love with Gregor Noll. What a boy. He is charming, horny and not to forget about hos enormous balls and his dick. Yummy! Charlie Keller does his best. Very nice couple!

Chris, 12/October/2017

...of course I meant Greg Noll, sorry... 5 points for one of the sexiest and biggest dick staxus guy :-)

Chris, 12/October/2017

Hot, hot, hotter! Thanks guys!

bently, 12/October/2017

Both are adorble and cute, but Charly has the most beautifull eyes, my oh my!

bently, 13/October/2017

too many Cobwebs !

Paolo, 14/October/2017

however, the Virility of Charlie is much more powerful than that of Greg.

Paolo, 14/October/2017

however, Charlie, Love, noble Boy, you have to grow your pubic Hair! They are the delightful Frame of your holy virile Member.

Paolo, 14/October/2017

Charly is great as he is right now!! I just hate all the hair. Please don't change Charly.

bently, 15/October/2017

change, Charlie, sweet Love !!!!

PaoloMonaco, 15/October/2017

but, these noble Creatures search the Absolute.

Paolo, 15/October/2017

What's up with the cobweb at the end?!? Should've shown some post cum sucking instead!!!

mwhisky , 15/October/2017

we do ask models not to shave - sadly its the fashion amongst younger men now - as are tattoos - so our requests fall on deaf ears.

steve, 16/October/2017

These guys are gorgious, passionate, top score for them! Would like to see them with Titus Snow.

Sebi, 18/October/2017

Both guys are super hot, especially here Charlie. The good thing about his partner Greg Noll is that he is as good giving his big dick than taking them into his cute hole. 2 great new recruits.

Christbdx, 05/November/2017

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