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Bare Buff Builders, Sc.4: Admiring Beauty Gets Throat & Ass Smashed To Sticky Ecstasy! HD

5.0/5 (Total votes: 75)
Added: 15/October/2017
Duration: 25 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s high summer and the swallows are in the barn – which is exactly where new boy, Chester Owen, is headed after a long session of hard work out in the sun. Of course, you might be tempted to assume that this much-deserved break is so that the young lad can grab a refreshing drink; but, as soon becomes apparent, there’s an ulterior motive to the fellow’s antics. For exercising in the next room is none other than the utterly divine David Hollister; whose muscled, sweaty torso serves as a literal thing of beauty that not even a eunuch would ever wish to ignore. No wonder that Owen has a dreamy smile on his pretty little face as he admires the view; and it seems like all the lad’s Christmases have come at once when Hollister quits his workout, heads straight into the room where Owen is sitting, and promptly smooches the fellow smack on the lips.

It’s enough to send a sweet innocent into a long-term rapture; but Owen quickly makes the most of the experience, as he drops his pants and allows the horned-up Hollister to feast on the man-meat aching inside. Of course, you can probably tell from the glint in his eye that Owen’s real intention by this point is to get his buddy’s pecker deep inside his guts. But first there’s a fabulous show of deep-throating to perform, with Hollister banging away at Owen’s tonsils; before the top finally lifts the lad up and pummelling his pucker over a bag of sand! And given the display that ensues, Owen loves every fucking minute of it; spewing like a fizzy bottle of pop and allowing Hollister to spew violently all over his expectant face!

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This is a really super video : 2 super hot dynamic guys enjoying themselves nicely. Newbie David Hollister is super energetic, the rimming great and the final cumshot very hot. Superb !

Christian, 15/October/2017

Christ! Simply gorgeous !! Chester is sweet as always. David is a superb little Wolf, hungry of gay Lust and nice to go crazy. His knotty Cock is God's Glory !!!

Paolo, 15/October/2017

Videos like these are to be seen in Preschools and High Schools, to teach to the Boys the Beauty and Nobility of homosexual Love..

Paolo, 15/October/2017

Beautiful scene A++++++ David & Chester are perfect xoxoox

Robbie Hill, 15/October/2017

I want to put David's masculine Member in a golden Frame above my Desk, so, from Time to Time, I can worship the Virility of this noble Creature.

Paolo, 15/October/2017

but even Chester is delightful, even he is a little Prince like David.

Paolo, 15/October/2017

however, in my Opinion, these Creatures point to the Absolute. Their Love is the search for the Absolute. So, overcoming of Molecularity.

Paolo, 15/October/2017

David Hollister is remarkably beautiful and sexy. I would like to see lots more videos featuring him, preferably as a bottom as well as a top. Chester Owen is also very good looking. This video is quite excellent! Well done, Staxus.

Professormarvel, 15/October/2017

Totally cool combined boys who show gay lust and sex in perfect harmony. I enyoed every second of this brilliant stuff. These boys are sweet as candy. :-)

Chris, 15/October/2017

Together with the previous scene of Chester and Casey the best scene of this year so far. Both are hot as a pistol!! My oh my!!

bently, 15/October/2017

Die mit Abstand beste Szene seit längerem, wobei Staxus soviele Knaller in letzter Zeit gebracht hat. Chester ist eine geile passive Sau, der wohl so ziemlich jeden Dödel vertragen kann. Kann ihn mir auch nur passiv vorstellen. Dieser Film hat mich schon vor dem Ende explodieren lassen....Die "Bare Buff Builders" Reihe war ein Hochgenuss.

Chris, 15/October/2017

This is super. I would like a sequel where they are even rougher.

natriley, 15/October/2017

David Hollister has everything. I love his attitude being power-top. Love his decision and energy. That´s how a real top fucks a hungry bottom. David KNOWS HOW TO TOP!!! Thanks Staxus. What about flip flop scene with David and Martin Rivers?

david, 16/October/2017

Why shoes? We like models all naked:) PS: hope for David Hollister as bottom

angel, 16/October/2017

Wow, these two were so HOTT together. David is so much more aggressive here on Staxus than he was with BelAmi. I really like him here. What happened to the download buttons?

dr, 16/October/2017

a quand une scene avec David Hollister et Johnathan Strake 2 petites salope en chaleur de staxus

toine, 18/October/2017

Die Bilderserie ist auch der Knaller, Richtig süße hübsche potente Boys, die beiden...

Chris, 18/October/2017

hi download buttons are all there for me - why do you have an issue?

steve, 19/October/2017

to Angel: no Angel, the Boys with Sneakers are so cute, modern, uninhibited and normal.....and delicious !!! They are our Treasures, sweet, elegant, polite !

Paolo, 20/October/2017

But, let's talk about it, the ideal will win

Paolo, 21/October/2017

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