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Staxus Classic: Seduction - Scene 6 - Remastered in HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 18)


Kamil Fox, Neel Jensen, Johan Volny

Added: 17/October/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


Confronted by two of the finest studs in the business over a contract dispute, is it really any wonder that young Neel Jensen soon finds himself doing pretty much anything Kamil Fox and Johan Volny want? After all, what horny young lad could ever resist this pair of suited-and-booted beauties? Indeed, Jensen is quite literally putty in their manly hands when cornered – allowing both buddies to run their wandering fingers down into his pants, before Fox finally falls to his knees so that he can give the boy’s dick a very close, intimate inspection.

. By which point Volny’s dick is also proudly on display – the legendary phallus soon getting its due reward courtesy of Fox’s clearly adventurous mouth. If you fear that Fox’s own cock won’t make its own appearance because the handsome stud is too busy slurping on meat himself then rest assured that’s not the case. With a literal manhood-eater like Volny in the room that’s never seriously going to happen; and suffice it to say that everyone’s all-time favourite is soon eagerly returning the favour on Fox with characteristic gusto.

All of which leads nicely to the main feature of the performance, namely Jensen’s spit-roasting over a desk. And with both studs taking it in turns to hammer away at the twink’s arse-hole so beautifully, there’s little question of the show going on for too long. In fact, it’s no time at all before Fox has reached the point of no return, creaming across the young bud’s face; leaving Volny to erupt into Jensen’s crotch. Clearly all too satisfied, the well-worked bottom calls it time with a frothy explosion of his own!