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Police Action, Sc.1: Cute Twink Gets Served Up For A Brutal, Ass-Splitting Fuck-Fest! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 19/October/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


If STAXUS did courier service deliveries, the result would almost certainly be SexFed – a very specialist door-to-door service that ships hot young twinks out to horned-up customers who have a craving for a real-life sexual plaything. It’s pure anarchic fantasy, of course, brought to life brilliantly here by kinky doctor, Ezra Gibson, who tells the tale of Rudy Stone taking delivery of a drop-shipment containing none other than the delicious Johnathan Strake. Unwilling to allow the precious cargo to provide the client with any disruptive behaviour on arrival, the medic thoughtfully ensures his client’s optimum satisfaction by delivering the goods bound and gagged – something that Stone takes full advantage of, immediately bundling the twink over the wooden casing so that he can take aim at Strake’s unprotected arse.

Indeed, it’s barely more than just a few moments before the happy customer is burying his dick deep into the young twink’s guts – the sticky tape over Strake’s mouth ensuring that any vocal disruption is kept to a minimum. As it turns out, however, the delightful bundle of twink pleasure proves to be far more receptive to Stone’s attentions than you might think; for having finally had his gag and straightjacket removed, Strake quickly busies himself to the task of feasting on the stud’s delicious ramrod, gobbling on cock like it’s his life’s only purpose. Still not content, the lad promptly bounds onto Stone’s shaft and rides it with his ass like a full-time bitch; blasting a heavy wad of spunk in the process, before allowing his pal to whitewash his cherubic face!

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content de revoir Johnathan Strake. vivement encore plein de scène avec lui . dont un gang bang

ya,, 19/October/2017

The kidnapping film idea is not so my cup of tea, but forget about it. Jonathan is back after such a long absence - I am happy. Rudy Stone is also a great staxus star.

Chris, 19/October/2017

Jonathan hat ein sehr sehr geiles Arschloch. Ich würde es lange auslecken tief Luft holen und dann meine Nase komplett in sein Loch drücken und dann nur noch tief einatmen :-) Ich würde gerne wieder mal ein Staxusvideo sehen wo der Gefickte ein offenes Arschloch hat und man geil reinsehen kann wie zb 2014 wo Alan Benfelen und Chase Anderson versauten Sex hatten. Alan hatte dort ein durchsichtiges Spielzeug so ne Art Plug in seinem Loch, dies stand komplett offen und man konnte tief in sein Arschloch schauen - herrlich. Schön feucht, eventuell leicht verschwitzt so würde ich stundenlang in der Höhle der Lust mit meiner Zunge und Nase stecken... :-)

Chris, 19/October/2017

Both are hot and cute, but Jonathan I would love to cuddle after such long time. I didn't like the capture/kidknapping idea though. Therefor 4*

bently, 19/October/2017

First of all, I dig both these guys. However, this scene brings a lot together in a way I found distracting and that removed me from the art. I’ve watched it three times to try to order my thoughts. I realize that sometimes (always?) these scenes are actually part of a larger project that’s released on DVD. So, scenes can have random elements that cross over from one to the other. That said, I thought the doctor/scientist character was kind of baffling. Also, what’s the story with the straitjacket? Is Johnathan supposed to be an escaped mental patient? If not, and the concept of, “packaging,” him within the box was meant to be conveyed, I’d think it would have been expressed better by wrapping him up in bubble wrap. The rimming, fingering, and initial penetration could have been enhanced, in my opinion, by a lot of moaning or other vocalizations from Johnathan, but the tape over his mouth was meant to render him mute? The guys fuck with fine skill and the scene is technically proficient, but some elements left me puzzled. Johnathan can certainly handle a dick and his tight little body has me jealous.

GaryHerbert, 29/October/2017

5* cos both the boys are so beautiful. But perfection like Jonathan should be caressed and worshiped... and naked... but not tied up. at least at the end we see him in all his glory.

CM, 30/October/2017

Rudy is a total stud! More of him, please.

Maxim, 16/December/2017

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