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Camping About, Sc.4: Outdoors Boy Gets An Arse-Load Of Dick & A Face-Load Of Jizz! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 22/October/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 16 seconds
Comments: 25


Anyone wondering whether Martin Rivers is a bit of an exhibitionist at heart will be left in no doubt whatsoever during the opening moments of this romantic love-in with new boy, Adam Cartney; as everyone’s favourite blond cock-slut takes full opportunity to romp around the woods in all his naked glory, egged on by his pants-stealing buddy. Indeed, the vision of these hot lads as they bound playfully together in the great outdoors will surely be enough to get most fans into quite a lather to begin with; and by the time they’re each taking it in turns to gobble away on each other’s handsome ramrods there’s every good chance that you’ll be stroking feverishly away like some errant teen! Don’t get carried away too soon, however.

Watching the wannabe porn-legend that is Rivers in full rut is too great a pleasure to rush; and suffice it to say it’s not long before the premier-class slut is having his hairless fuck-hole fingered for all he’s worth! You don’t need to be Inspector Columbo to work out what’s gonna happen next, of course; as Cartney takes full advantage of an open goal to put his dick where so many other dicks have been before. It marks the starting foray of a terrific set-piece that really will have you rubbing like never before; as Rivers gets his guts filled in a whole series of positions, prior to him quite literally hitting his face with a geyser-load of creamy jizz from his own balls! It’s a display that just proves way too much for young Cartney, who then promptly adds a thick wad of cum across Rivers’ face; leaving blondie the very picture of creamy perfection!

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Martin looks absolutely stunning with his new look, absolutely stunning...dr

dr, 22/October/2017

martin is amazing

martinfan, 22/October/2017

Lovely romantic scene. Martin looks just as stunning as ever with a slightly different look. Adam is a perfect top and does a great job rimming, fingering and fucking Martin's luscious hole. His final cum shot over Martin's face is awesome.

Ryan, 22/October/2017

j ai hate de voir une scène avec les deux meilleurs acteurs de staxus Martin Rivers se faire démonter le cul par David Hollister;

toine, 22/October/2017

This is an excellent scene! Martin looks more beautiful than ever. He is surely the most adorable bottom boy working for Staxus at present, and I could never see too much of him. The final cum shot into Martin's open mouth was wonderful. A studly top man should always deposit his cum either into the open mouth or butt hole of your beautiful bottom boys. Let's see more scenes like this one, and lots more scenes featuring Martin as a bottom. Well done, Staxus.

Professormarvel, 22/October/2017

this guy is perfect

max, 22/October/2017

What a felicitous clip. I haven`t seen such a romantic background and boys for a long time. Martin looks younger and fresher than ever before. Can somebody not adore him? Impossible! New guy Adam made me also satisfied, like his hairy legs but I missed to get a view at his sweet boy pussy ...All in all again a winner, staxus!

Chris, 22/October/2017

Also ganz ehrlich wer bei diesem Video keine Latte kriegt dem kann man auch nicht mehr helfen ... ;-) Ich hab schon wieder eine. So ein süßes romantisches Video. Absolut toll gedreht, der Anfang wo sich Adam Martin auf dem Rücken trägt. Der Neuling Adam erfüllt all meine Vorstellungen an einen süßen Tschechenboy. Seine geilen behaarten Beine, sein Face....rrrr....und wie gierig er Martins Arschloch ausleckt. Das ist Stoff den wir 'Mitglieder sehen wollen...Fantastisch!

Chris, 22/October/2017

you would be amazing live on staxus cum on

max, 22/October/2017

those long perfect legs you could be the biggest supper modle ever rep everyone thank you

max, 22/October/2017

staxus thank you and your super stars

max, 22/October/2017

@Max... Yeah, who wouldn`t like to join the staxus studio with these horny actors, do you agree? :-)

Chris, 22/October/2017

yes chris they are the best I agree

max, 22/October/2017

@Max I mostly like the bonniness of the guys and their wonderful trained athletic bodies, not to forget about big dicks and yummy assholes who I would often like to eat and be burried between their butt cheeks...

Chris, 22/October/2017

every dvd is amazing please keep giving us this short time of perfection thanks martin

max, 22/October/2017

like a fine wine you get better with time

max, 22/October/2017

thanks martin my weekend is amazing thanks to you

max, 22/October/2017

Near perfect.

Marcius, 22/October/2017

many thanks for your kind comments

steve, 23/October/2017

Martin is my favourite Boy ***** xxxxx He is FABULOUS.

pugs , 23/October/2017

It is exciting! And that spraying. Martin Rivers and exciting ass. One of the really nice videos Staxusu

renda567, 24/October/2017

Two really glorious guys in a beautifully constructed scene. I particularly love the outdoor scenes with Martin chasing Adam for his briefs, a particularly appealing shade of pink. The finish too is brilliant as others have already said.

Bob, 25/October/2017

my Saturday is martin day thanks

max, 29/October/2017

Martin <3 Please make a scene with a lot of toys, wanna see some really long dildo and anal beads really deep inside his pretty hole =D

biggerthebetter, 31/October/2017

Martin's Ejaculation is God's Glory.

Paolo, 31/October/2017

but there is no true eternal depth

Paolo, 01/November/2017

Good video. Martin's cute hole is always the most exiting / best !!

Christian, 01/November/2017

Watching either Martin or (especiallly Adam) completely clothed is enough to make anyone jizz. This scene is a true work of erotic art. Sure, I have a crush on Adam but watching him paired with Martin was especially exhilarating. Wow!!

m Tourneur, 08/December/2017

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