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Police Action, Sc.2: Hooded Cops Give Horny Twink A Hot Spit-Roast & A Jizzy Facial! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 53)
Added: 26/October/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not exactly sure what felony new boy, Anah Amory, has committed at the start of this splendid escapade to warrant the arrival of a couple of balaclava-donning police officers – namely Rudy Stone and Alessandro Katz – but the two cops sure as fuck soon lay down the law in typical STAXUS fashion; pouncing on the lad and promptly taking it in turns to feast on the fresh dick that they find between his legs. Of course, you might also be wondering at this early stage of proceedings as to what on earth a bed is doing stuck outdoors – it’s not your usual location for such things, after all.

But chances are such musings will be short-lived, as our two stalwarts take full advantage of the situation to violate the young newbie’s petite, hairless body – slurping on his dick, rimming his cute arse-hole and (within less than ten minutes) finally popping his cherry courtesy of Stone’s achingly hot ramrod! Indeed, by the time Amory is being fabulously spit-roasted by his two horned-up mates there’s every good chance that you’ll have completely forgotten about the absurdity of the situation and will be busy tugging away on your dick with all your might! Don’t bust a nut prematurely, however. With Stone and Katz now in full spate, Amory’s about to be buggered to high heaven – much to his obvious delight! Cue a stupendously hot bollock-slitting set-piece that sees the young lad skewered in a succession of positions; before Katz and Stone seal the deal by creaming his face. All nicely topped off by Amory returning the favour so that the two officers can snowball his spunk!

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So nice to see you're back Mr. Katz ! :)

Vaclav, 26/October/2017

Leckeres Rimming des neuen süßen Anah - kein Wunder bei so einem geilen Arschloch, das er hat. Am Ende lässt er sich vollsahnen mit frischer Boysahne direkt aus dem Hahn. Wieder einmal nichts zu meckern, im Gegenteil!

Chris, 26/October/2017

I've been waiting for a climax like Alessandro gave. Great to have him back & to take all of Anha's cum in his mouth. Then to share it with Rudy was so sensuous. I loved Alessandro's eyes & his lovely expression as he held on to Anha's cock in his mouth to take all the cum so adorable. LOL

pugs , 26/October/2017

Nice scene with cute guys. The start of this scene with Anha was the best and hottest we got. Th forplay was not excactly hot with two guys in their briefs without a stiffy. To be honest I got bored. The rimming was nice, but not hot filmed, as for a lot of this scene. Above all hardly a second of a boy pucker to watch! I got spoiled because of the last 4 scenes, I know. But it is as it is, a pity, good have been so much hotter!!!

bently, 26/October/2017

Alessandro Katz is back!!

Marcius, 26/October/2017

The rimming of this fucking Anahs asshole- mhhh one needn`t to say more - Paradise

Chris, 27/October/2017

Ah how nice to see Alessandro back =D I just missed out on some hot ATM action! Would have been so hot to see Rudy stick his cock in Alessandro's mouth inbetween fucking Anah in the doggystyle position. But other than that marvelous scene!

biggerthebetter, 28/October/2017

In my opinion, Staxus needs additional, new pretty boy models. Staxus should recruit and hire the young man seen in Czech Hunter 324. He is beautiful, young, willing, and perfectly adorable. Staxus should pay him whatever it would take to make him one of your finest star models. Staxus and all of your members and fans would benefit from adding him to your models. He would soon be your brightest star.

Professormarvel, 28/October/2017

Yes! Alessandro! He is among the best for sure

Anon, 29/October/2017

so glad Alessandro is back

Anon, 29/October/2017

Alessandro is one of the hottest beauties around and so nice to see him blow a cock off at the end and gargle the sperm back out of his mouth

Coco, 06/November/2017

I love all of these boys. Anah's hole is so delicious! I would love to rim and fuck him. These boys make a great threesome. Love to see Alessandro back. He makes a great performer, both top and bottom.

Ryan, 12/November/2017

An absolute classic with three totally adorable boys who engage in kissing, fellatio and buggery so enthusiastically. Lovely to see Anah maintain his erection while being so beautifully buggered by the other two and then so keen to lap up all that delicious sperm. Alessandro's final act of complete fellatio to the throat defies belief.

Mateuzs, 15/November/2017

The snowball was fabulous. Might you do a new category on your site.

christofer, 13/December/2017

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