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Run Away, Sc.1: Ripped Runner Rewards Mate With An Ass-Load Of Hard Cock! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 29/October/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


Is it really any surprise that Ezra Gibson appears unable to sit down and relax? Why, the boy’s quite literally little more than a bundle of nervous excitement – and when you realise that he’s waiting for hunky new guy, Boris Lang, to get back from his run in the country you begin to understand his predicament. After all, who wouldn’t find their emotions churned up at the prospect of welcoming home this sweaty beaut? Lang’s a real handsome stud, after all – a fine example of toned, muscled athleticism. And suffice it to say that Gibson displays little if any reticence in making his intentions clear to his buddy right from the moment he returns; passionately smooching the fellow, and making an energetic beeline to get inside his pair of very skimpy shorts!

It’s a fucking fine welcome if ever there was one – and suffice it to say that Lang makes the most of it, savouring the feel of Gibson’s tongue as it first runs up and down every inch of his shaft and then darts up into his butt-hole. Little wonder that the hunk literally cannot wait to force his horny slut of a mate over the sofa so that he can ram his thick, throbbing weapon deep into that hungry arse; pounding away like a piston, and only pausing momentarily so that Gibson can incorporate a further heady slurp on his dick – all captured artfully (and beautifully) by John Smith’s unforgiving lens. All of which leads inexorably to the sight of the hyper horny bottom riding Lang’s knob cowboy-style, before taking on his back with both his legs strained apart like a bitch. Cue spunk in all directions – most notably over Gibson’s face!

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Sorry,not my cup of tea for a nano second.

bently, 29/October/2017

Loved this scene. HOT!

Robbie Hill, 29/October/2017

Wow, sehr sehr geil und wenn man die Posts über den neuen süßen Ezra ließt - wie Schwanzgeil er merkt es auf jeden Fall :-)

Chris, 29/October/2017

Absolut nichts besonders...

Bonzo, 30/October/2017

Hey, wait a minute! That's the doctor/scientist from the Johnathan Strake special delivery video.

GaryHerbert, 30/October/2017

Great to see a beefy guy -Boris Lang doing a lovely slim guy like Ezra Gibson. Both enjoying it by the looks on their faces. Brilliant.

Bob, 30/October/2017

Boris wird der kommende Superstar. Bitte mehr von Ihm!!!!!!

thommy_ger, 31/October/2017

Boris ist zwar süß aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu muskulös, entspricht nicht ganz dem Staxus Boys Klischee. Dafür hat mir der süße ezra mit seinem Ohrring viel besser gefallen. Er kommt sehr charmant rüber. Ein gelungenes Video!

Chris, 31/October/2017

Boris Lang is surely too musculous for Staxus. A very classical video, we need to see more of Ezra with some other guys....

Christian, 01/November/2017

Wow - put Boris in EVERY scene!

J, 02/November/2017

Boris is quite a muscular stud, but I find him very sexy. This is a lovely scene. Would have enjoyed seeing him rim Ezra before the super fucking though.

Ryan, 15/November/2017

Boris Lang is both beautiful AND gentle. I love twinks yet I think Boris is as close as one could get to a "muscular twink"...such a pretty face. His (nearly) hairless body is simply irresistible!!❤️

m Tourneur, 31/December/2017

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