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Run Away, Sc.2: Competitive Rivalry Cums Up Trumps For An Ass-Jizzing Fuck! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 09/November/2017
Duration: 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s arguably no great wonder that Casey Flip and Johnathan Strake should be somewhat on the competitive side – after all, when you’re racing together like these two buddies then it’s only natural that an element of one-upmanship begins to take over. It’s what drives both parties to perform their best, after all. Whether that level of competition should drive them to try and push each other over in the dirt mid-race is quite another matter, however; and the rivalry only continues when they’re subsequently back home and dealing with the resultant laundry. Nevertheless, you can’t help but get the impression that all this jostling for superiority is but a means of disguising the sexual frisson that clearly exists between these buddies; with matters finally coming to a head when the two lads tumble onto a padded massage table together, at which point Strake makes an immediate grab at Flip’s now badly swollen cock and each mate is taking it in turns to feast on man-meat like it’s going out of fashion.

Okay, so it's a rather convoluted introduction to the main action, but if anything it only makes the ensuing set-piece all the more energised; with Flip quickly turning his attention to Strake’s ever-insatiable rump, which he promptly attempts to fist, before replacing his hand with his cock. Seconds on, and with jockstraps finally off, the two mates proceed to rut like a pair of animals – Strake riding Flip’s shaft in a series of positions for maximum effect, before getting an arse-load of jizz as his due reward. Little wonder the fellow is soon jerking out a terrific wad of his own!

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Sexy boys Casey and Johnathan give us a really horny show with wonderful fucking and loads of cum. Great video!

Ryan, 09/November/2017

Casey ist echt ein Wahnsinnstyp zudem sehr sympathisch. Schade jedoch dass beide Boys nicht rasiert sind. Das "Ass to mouth" fand ich widerum sehr lecker. Schön das Arschlocharoma aus der warmen Ritze schmecken. Ein Genuss!

Chris, 09/November/2017

Love Casey's bouncing balls as he does the final pounding of the ass. Shame about the hairy balls and cock.

Kai, 10/November/2017

This is a very fine scene, and Staxus should be congratulated for making it. Casey Flip is one of the most beautiful and sexy boys currently working for Staxus, in my opinion. My only regret about Casey is that he appears mostly as a top rather than as a bottom. But Johnathan is a fine bottom. In my opinion, the fact that Casey and Johnathan still have much of their natural body hair unshaved and untrimmed makes this scene much better and more arousing. I wish that all of the Staxus models would stop shaving and trimming their natural body hair, especially the hair in their armpits: it is very sexy and attractive. And the longer they grow the hair on top of their heads, the better they look, in my opinion. Well done, Staxus!

Professormarvel, 10/November/2017

All the hair so unsexy! A downer for me.

bently, 10/November/2017

Both guys are utterly stunning. I think pubic hair just adds to their beauty, though always prefer clean shaven face and smooth chest. Looks like you're never going to please everyone. Jonathan is perfection.

CM, 11/November/2017

Would definitely be better with no pubes or hair round the crack...

Coco, 14/November/2017

looks like casey was ready for more at the end of the scene.Hope these two do a second scene together

larry, 17/November/2017

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