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Staxus Classic: Boys In The Mountains - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 22)


Neel Jensen, Tony Pike

Added: 14/November/2017
Duration: 18 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


You get the distinct impression that young, fresh-faced Tony Pike is a playful tease – laid out provocatively in a hammock and looking every inch as edible as a delicious slice of fresh apple strudel! Indeed, we’d defy any gay guy not to be half in love with the lad within moments of meeting him. That’s certainly the predicament that floppy-haired beauty, Neel Jensen, finds himself in when he encounters his buddy at the start of this romantic duo; but whilst their initial interaction consists of nothing more than innocent kisses and laughter, it’s not at all long before the connection between the boys has turned distinctly carnal. In other words, they’ve soon both got their cocks out! Not that you’d ever expect anything less from a pair of our horny fuckers; with both lads taking it in turns to give each other blowjobs, before Jensen turns his attention to his pal’s hairless pucker.

The rimming that follows is characteristically energetic; but it’s nothing compared to the brazen session of hardcore fucking that quickly ensues. Indeed, it’s pretty clear that Jensen really can’t get enough of his bud’s hungry little pucker; burying every solid inch deep into Pike, who uses his hammock to raise his arse up so as to obtain maximum penetration. Arguably, however, it’s what comes after the fuck that will last longest in the memory; as both boys take it in turns to cream each other’s faces. First Jensen, who gobbles down on Pike’s rupturing cock-head; then Pike, who enjoys a full-on facial blow-out, prior to both handsome boys exchanging a sticky, gooey smooch to call it a wrap!

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This is a wonderful scene. Everything about is perfect. I love both boys, the acting is superb, the sex is great, the final two facial cum shots were spectacular. This remastered video is a real bonus. Thank You Staxus!

Ryan, 14/November/2017

Hammergeiles Video. Beide Darsteller sind sehr hübsch und was mir am besten gefällt ist die Tatsache, dass sie sich rasieren. Die Komplettrasur von Tony Pike lässt meine Schwanz schon wieder groß werden. Wieso haben bei vielen aktuellen Szenen die Darsteller so viele Scharmhaare? Könnte ihr nicht mal einen kompletten Film drehen, bei denen alle Darsteller rasiert sind, auch am Loch? Das fehlt mir irgendwie. Auch das Abspritzen der beiden ist saugeil. Bei beiden landet die Wichse geil im Gesicht. Bitte mehr davon. Bei vielen aktuellen Szenen spritzen die Darsteller irgendwo hin, aber selten sind Gesicht bzw. den Mund.

Florian, 14/November/2017

Delicious!!! The powerful Ejaculation of the Boys is true gay Holiness

PaoloMonaco, 15/November/2017

These Boys got me so hard & the explosion with the facials was so sensual I had a fantastic cum shot :-)))

Pugs, 15/November/2017

but, in any case, the fact remains that the maximum is the overcoming of molecularity.

PaoloMonaco, 15/November/2017

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