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Staxus Classic: Boys In The Mountains - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 21)


Kamil Fox, Martin Kirk, Nikandro Sideropulos

Added: 12/December/2017
Duration: 26 minutes, 35 seconds
Comments: 25


For those who like their lads to be a little more mature-looking and muscular, the sight of Kamil Fox donning a pair of boxing gloves at the start of this top-notch little vignette will almost be a highlight in itself. In fairness, the handsome Fox was always a popular stud with viewers and fellow performers alike; and if the smile on Nikandro Sideropulos’s face looks genuine when he walks into the room it’s probably because it is. Boys loved the opportunity to star with the stud – and to have the chance to get their lips and puckers around his ever-insatiable joystick! Indeed, it’s an opportunity that the fresh-faced beauty doesn’t for one moment squander – making a beeline for Fox’s shorts and feasting on the very impressive sporting equipment inside.

At this point, of course, you’d have every reason to think that this was all set to be your bulk-standard duo – albeit one that was more than capable of drawing a heavy load of cum from most gay porn-loving guys. But the sudden introduction of platinum blond cock-fiend, Martin Kirk, sends the horny escapade into a whole new direction – as Fox and Sideropulos descend on the boy like a pack of sex-starved wolves and literally force their cocks down his throat like they’ve never enjoyed the company of a dick-crazed twink before! Indeed, it’s no time at all before they’re taking it in turns to bang away at the lad’s arse; before then double-fucking the lucky lad for all he’s worth! Little wonder that neither guy can hold back from spewing all over Kirk’s face, creaming the tart with a heavy volley of richly-deserved spunk!