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Raw Skaters, Sc.4: Final Spunky Flurry Sends These Beauts Into Skating Heaven! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 36)
Added: 14/December/2017
Duration: 19 minutes, 50 seconds
Comments: 25


In what threatens to be both Casey Flip and Connor Rex’s swansong – the two handsome beauties are now real-life boyfriends – director, John Smith, presents one final homage to the world of young skater-boys, complete with wheels, cigarettes and (it pretty goes without saying) plenty of hard cock and spunk! Of course, the fact that you’ve got this pair of dick-loving pearls in front of the camera means that you’re pretty much assured a classic right from the off; with a brief explanation of their personal decision by Rex promptly followed by some top-notch fellatio on the part of both buddies.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory at this point as to why these boys have become so insanely popular with our fans in recent times; and it’s a demonstration that only intensifies when Flip finally turns his eye to his boyfriend’s delicate little fuck-hole and begins to rim the sweet (and well-worked) pucker for all it’s worth! It’s but a rehearsal to the main event, naturally; and before you know it Flip is sliding his thick, handsome ramrod deep where it belongs – and, no doubt, where it’s going to be going much, much more in future when the cameras are no longer rolling. So savour the sight of these two fuck-angels in full rut; as Rex takes every hard inch of his lover in a whore ruck of positions, maintaining a wry smile of satisfaction with every penetrating thrust. Little wonder that both boys are soon squirting for all they’re worth; before exchanging a lengthy, spunk-laden smooch that just tells you that the lads are set to enjoy one hell of a fucking time together in private!

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Congratulations and thanks for the memories! All the best!

GaryHerbert, 14/December/2017

Sweet guys in a great scene. Love them together. Keep them sharing the action!

Ryan, 14/December/2017

It would be great if the wonderful couple invited John Smith to the wedding. I think this is the first time Staxus has two Boys fallen in love & pictures of the wedding would be interesting to see. I add my congratulations to the adorable Boys.

Pugs, 14/December/2017

Oh, I will miss them... I especially remember the first time I saw Connor's beautiful blue eyes. Now with Casey, equally adorable, I hope they will have much happiness.

m Tourneur, 14/December/2017

In solche Boys muss man sich einfach verlieben...ein würdevoller und geiler Abschied, wünsche dem süßen Päärchen viele viele tolle Jahre in ihrer Beziehung. Mit einem Tränchen in den Augen, denn das ist ihre Abschiedsszene...

Chris, 14/December/2017

I wish you to be happy together Nice last scene.

Jerry, 15/December/2017

Pretty boys but shame they hadn't been waxed or shaved round the ass and balls etc. before performing.

Jhonny, 16/December/2017

I agree - pity the sweet assholes and testicles are so hairy. Nevertheless, some class one cocksucking and fucking, not to mention the jerking and rimming

Paulo, 17/December/2017

Some tender fellatio after extensive foreplay before the buggery. Loved the mid-coital break for kissing and display of two fine erections crossing paths before further buggery and the unashamed masturbation displays before ejaculation. Delightful!

Mateuzs, 18/December/2017

Absolutely beautiful boys and the body hair around their cocks just makes them even more sexy

CM, 02/January/2018

This was another vid that caught our attention while we were snowed in. Two really sweet boys who really seemed to enjoy their sex. Connor is blessed with a truly stunning body - that ass and hole are like magnets pulling tongues and cocks in. Casey seemed to enoy rimming his buddy so much and the penetration shots taken from below were beautiful. Two final thoughts - lovely to see two boy bodies with heir natural hair patterns. Shaved boys are great of course but its also very nice to see the natural hair cover from time to time. Also, love Casey's belly button. Don't normally notice this body feature but Casey's is quite different.

docmoc, 05/March/2018

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