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Pool Boy, Sc.2: Boris Proves A Lifesaver & Takes A New Boy’s Cherry In Return! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 53)
Added: 17/December/2017
Duration: 24 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


Being the lifeguard on duty when there’s only one person in the water isn’t the most taxing of jobs, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that hunky Boris Lang’s mind begins to wander at the start of this encounter with playful minx, James Kingston. In fact, before you know it we’re in the midst of pure fantasy; with the cute, young swimmer now lying face-down and lifeless in the pool, and Lang springing promptly into action in a desperate bid to rescue him. It won’t come as any great surprise to anyone to know that it’s a rescue bid that meets with complete success – Lang dragging his charge onto the side of the pool, before lying him out on a bench to recover.

What may serve as something of an eye-opener, however, is the speed with which the kiss of life becomes the kiss of lust – at which point it’s very much business as usual in terms of hardcore porn, with Lang eagerly diving down into his mate’s leopard-pattern speedos in order to feast on the aching rod of meat inside. Suffice it to report that the new boy is equally energetic in return; ferociously devouring his life-saver’s ramrod, before allowing Lang his taste of the spoils in the form of his plucked little fuck-hole. Yes, folks, you’ve got it right – Lang’s about to get his reward for all his heroics in the form of Kingston’s tight cherry, which he duly snatches with characteristic verve and gusto. Little wonder that the floppy-haired beaut is soon jerking out a heavy load of cum in appreciation; before Lang seals the deal by spewing into his pal’s mouth, and the two fellows exchange a spunky kiss for the final wrap!

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Cute german newcomer. I think he is born for beeing bottomed. Hopefully not the only produced scene with him. Boris as I mentioned in a clip wiith him before is not my type I will be presented from staxus. He is a hunk, too musculous...

Chris, 15/December/2017

I became a Staxus member because I knew the site through his twitter account, I still use to visite regulary. A few days ago your twitter account became boring, with no more comments from members or porn blogs... sad! what happened?

Jerry, 16/December/2017

An instant favorite of mine!! I can't get enough of Boris getting it ON with twinks...he's perfect. He's many boys' fantasy: a twinky (skinny) cutie with a muscular, clean, young stud. "Musculous"...what??

m Tourneur, 16/December/2017

I have put the first photo with James on my wallpaper. I wish I was Boris saving his life. Wow what a lovely Boy xxxxx

PUGS, 16/December/2017

Der neue James ist sehr süß,er lächelt bezaubernd. Und das beste ist sein geiles rasiertes Arschloch. Darin würde ich gerne mal meine Flinte versenken :-)...Boris ist wie schon zuvor erwähnt nicht so mein Typ, er passt auch nicht ins Staxus Raster; ist defdinitiv zu muskulös...

Chris, 16/December/2017

Nice clip. James is a hottie!! Agree with @ Chris about Boris, to muscular for me, not attractive.

bently, 16/December/2017

Beautiful new boy. I especially love James' cock with the exposed head. I could suck on this for hours, getting every drop of sweet cum shooting inside my mouth. Mmmm! Everything else is perfect too. A beautiful ass for devouring and driving a stiff cock inside. How lucky is Boris who does a fantastic job licking and fucking. I certainly lusted over James' perfect cock and sweet, sweet asshole. Yummy boy I would love to see him in more scenes at Staxus. 5 stars with no hesitation!

Ryan, 17/December/2017

James is a real beauty. Loved his smooth cock, balls and tight hole, especially when he is receiving the sexy ball sucking and his cock remains so beautifully rigid throughout. Beautiful scene! Also, the rimming of his delicious hole and his appreciative mouth at the end receiving Boris's jizz.

Jhonny, 17/December/2017

Stunning new model James. Extremely cute and hot. Perfect body and face. Please, more James!!!

david, 18/December/2017

James is the hottest new guy for a long time - hope to see much more of him! He could become a huge star ;)

Goodrich, 18/December/2017

I really liked the intensity in this, which has been lacking a bit lately. More hard intense poundings like this plz =)

biggerthebetter, 18/December/2017

Please staxus keep James as your favorite hot model. He is just stunning cute and everything is perfect about him. His juvenile slim body, his sympathy and his yummy boy asshole...just a winner !

Chris, 20/December/2017

James has a lovely set a tight balls and a beautiful cock. Loved the sucking of his balls and the final wanking off.

Coco, 22/December/2017

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