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Sticky Mucky Spunktexters, Sc.3: Sweaty Deep-Throater Gobbles Up Every Drop Of His Mate’s Jizz! H

4.7/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 28/December/2017
Duration: 21 minutes, 55 seconds
Comments: 25


Fans of deep-throating and face-fucking are in for a real treat at the start of this superb escapade between new boy, Orri Gaul, and the clearly insatiable Chester Owen; with the latter clearly determined to give his tonsils the very hardest of workouts for your perverse entertainment. Not that chiselled beauty, Gaul, is in any way less appreciative of cock, of course – he’s soon hungrily slurping on his mate’s hard shaft in return, after all. But it’s unquestionably Owen who gives the most enthusiastic display of oral dexterity, taking Gaul’s shaft right to the root without so much as a hint of a gag; before both lads sidle up to enjoy a keen session of 69-ing, which in this instance involves Owen gobbling away at his pal’s ball-sac, whilst Gaul fingers and rims arse in preparation for the main event.

Indeed, it’s not too long before Owen’s appetite for cock has him literally plonked down on Gaul’s lap and riding his buddy’s hard shaft for all he’s worth – his own stiff shaft freely bouncing up and down as he does so. It’s a sight that’s surely set to thrill an entire sector of our fanbase; and the rip-roaring session of hardcore fornication that follows is almost certain to have guys across the globe choking their own monkey in sweet appreciation. But it’s arguably Owen’s final kinky act that warrants greatest acclaim, having spewed out his own thick wad mid-fuck and then brought Gaul to a similar sticky climax. For there’s no shying away from the taste of cum for this lad. Instead, he laps up every last drop of the resultant brew with hoover-like enthusiasm, before merrily gulping it down!

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Mouth watering action with some superb rimming. The frantic hard fucking is great, especially when Chester cums a huge load during the hot action. Loved seeing him swallow Orri's cum at the end. Another new star with Orri!

Ryan, 28/December/2017

I agree that Orri Gaul is very beautiful, and his sexy attractiveness is enhanced by the fact that he has some natural body hair. But a boy as beautiful and sexy as Orri Gaul should appear as a bottom boy and not always as a top. This is another fine scene: Good work, Staxus! I hope you will find additional beautiful new boys to show us, and get them to perform as bottom boys who eat cum and take cream pies.

Professormarvel, 28/December/2017

Lovely Boys who are extremely erotic. I enjoyed every minute watching them make this gorgeous scene together. Love the new star*

pugs , 28/December/2017

Thé vert nice newbie Orri us blessés with a great round ass, with a furet haired sexy asshhole superbe for rimming. Big rod that his partner knows very well to play with for full enjoyment.

Christbdx, 29/December/2017

OMG - this guy Orri has an so magnificent thick horny cock and he knows to fuck with it. I would like to have his cock in my ass - oh my dream! And most of all he has so beautiful pubics which make me more than horny.

Shelter, 21/May/2018

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