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Raw Skaters, Sc.3: Threeway Pile-Up Climaxes In A Jizz-Inducing Double-Stuffing! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 56)
Added: 07/January/2018
Duration: 33 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Is there anything more enjoyable for a young skater-boy – other than being on his wheels, of course! – than to hang out with his mates and share a beer? Well, what about sharing each other’s hard cocks? That’s certainly the route that this trio of horned-up buddies heads down when Icelandic beauty, Charlie Keller, teams up with Ezra Gibson and Boris Lang for the kind of hot, sweaty, intimate gang-bonding session that we just know you’re gonna love.

In all fairness, if Gibson and Lang have any idea what’s inside their mate’s tight-fitting jeans it’s no fucking wonder why they make a beeline for the lad’s crotch – Gibson being the first to unleash the Nordic monster, before Lang joins in so that they can both enjoy every inch of hard flesh with their lush, juicy lips. But the fact is that Keller isn’t the only one with a delicious knob to enjoy – or an appetite for thick, uncut cock-meat! – and before you know it it’s Lang’s offering that’s the centre of attention; before finally Keller’s pert little pucker becomes the focus and the action turns decidedly anal.

Don’t for one minute think that this is all set to be your typical two-on-one escapade, however. As an out-and-out top there’s no way imaginable that Lang is gonna bottom; but with Keller and Gibson eager to get penetrated the scene is set for a succession of perfect pitches, including a three man pile-up. Top drawer, however, is always gonna be the sight of Gibson getting double-stuffed by his mates; before all three mega-horned mates take it in turn to dump oodles of deliciously pent-up baby-batter all over each other!

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Three sexy boys in a very hot scene. The cock sucking and ass rimming is so horny! And how hot the threesome fucking! Certainly a 5 star rating from me!

Ryan, 07/January/2018

It's not a big deal but there is a little editing problem: we see the same scene twice: around 4'30" and 5'40".

Jerry, 07/January/2018

Great scene, bad editing. Boris first shot dissapeared.

David, 07/January/2018

A fine triumvirate with some enthusiastic and lustful sexual activity. Charlie in particular seems to adore receiving simultaneous anilingus and fellatio before he is so furiously and fereciously buggered. Ezra is eagerly to catch all his ejaculate too before the post ejaculation appreciation. Finally the ending is amazing when Boris receives double post coital fellatio. Delicious!

Mateuzs, 07/January/2018

Poor filming but that apart, this is utter filth at its very best. Pure and simple. Charlie clearly loves to be pounded good and hard. Ezra is fucking horny too and obviously adores sucking cock.

Gaz, 07/January/2018

Sooo fucking hot :) .

Spermonster, 07/January/2018

ich liebe dreier finde es besonders geil zu sehen wenn ezra gefickt wird...und vor allem wenn bei den typen während sie gefickt werden der pimmel stramm steht...haste bei den mitbewerbern nicht immer ich sage nur bel...a. ich will den namen der kollegen nicht nennen..geil..mehr ezra bitte ich liebe diese geile sau

Chris, 08/January/2018

....loved every second of this stuff. I am a big fan of triple sex. Especially enjoyed Ezra beeing bottom. He seems to be into having big dicks in his hole. More and more of Ezra please...

Chris, 09/January/2018

Sexy scene and beautiful guys. But please more rougher scenes, some good moments of roughness in this but more really hard balls deep pounding, tops taking total control of bottoms etc.

biggerthebetter, 09/January/2018

This is a great scene. So hot!!! Charlie is so beautiful, Ezra is hunky and Boris takes on both cocks! This is so much better than the usual scenes Staxus has been serving lately. I would dearly love the return of Noah Matous soon too.

Glen, 22/January/2018

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