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Staxus Classic: Boys In The Mountains - Scene 6 - Remastered in HD

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Alex Stevens, Tony Pike

Added: 09/January/2018
Duration: 16 minutes
Comments: 25


In many ways Alex Stevens was always perfect boyfriend material – cute, good looking, charming and charismatic – but there’s no denying the fact that he had one major failing when it came to providing a stable, long-term relationship. For no sooner were you to turn your back and he’d be auditioning for a replacement – as classically demonstrated here when he hooks up with his latest beau in the shape of Tony Pike. As always with this horny little fucker, he’s never one to take his time in getting to know a potential lover – one minute he’s cheekily raising his eyebrows at the young waiter, and the next he’s cavorting with the fellow out in the snow.

Truth is, Stevens always was – and still is by all accounts – a first class slut of the highest order; and this final snowbound scene serves only to underline the point. Why, the cock-hungry cherub literally can’t wait to get his lips around Pike’s handsome ramrod; as he tears into his newfound fuck-buddy’s jeans and promptly delivers the kind of blowjob for which he became famous in the mid-2000s.

Of course, anyone who’s ever seen him in action prior to this point will be well aware that he’s the kind of fellow who isn’t really happy until he’s bouncing up and down on a thick, meaty shaft; and it should come as no surprise that he’s soon plonked on Pike’s lap and savouring every throbbing inch that his mate can deliver. All of which soon gets him spurting like a geyser in response; before taking his trademark position – cock-level and with an open mouth – to enjoy the rich, gooey contents of Pike’s nads all over his pretty face!