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Pool Boy, Sc.3: Soaped-Up Swimmer Gets A Hard Massage & Even Harder Fuck! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 37)
Added: 21/January/2018
Duration: 31 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sometimes, the hottest porn can actually be the simplest – indeed, when you’ve got a gorgeous lad like Orri Gaul in the mainframe chances are it can be pretty much as straightforward and uncomplicated as it comes. Give him the chance to strut around naked – or in this case swim in a pool and then jump out to take a soapy shower – and all a director like John Smith has to do is sit back and film; safe in the knowledge that there surely isn’t a gay porn-loving guy on the planet who won’t relish the delicious results. Unable to resist the urge to notch things up a little further, however, it’s not long before Smith introduces the divinely hot little pup to the massaging talents of the equally handsome Max Grey, who (not surprisingly) has his eye on Gaul’s deliciously uncut cock and hairless butt. What’s more, getting his hands on those gems has surely never been easier, as Grey oils every inch of his buddy’s mouth-wateringly hot body and slowly works his way towards his mischievous goal.

Sure enough it’s not long before both the lads are 69-ing each other on the massaging table like a couple of horned-up sluts; slobbering and salivating over dick with the kind of energy and gusto that you’d expect from boys their age. But the coupling turns decidedly stratospheric when Grey finally achieves his goal and buries his aching ramrod deep into his mate’s raw fuck-hole, signalling the start of a truly ball-busting escapade that’ll have you wanking like fury. All of which culminates nicely with a near-obscene explosion of spunk that quite literally leaves Gaul splattered from head to foot!

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Self-indulgence alert: Sorry for the inappropriate post, but guys I’m just back from a week in Prague and not only are Czech men 100% super-adorable, but they seem to be in competition to determine who is the sweetest, nicest person ever to live. Also, the city: safe, clean, 10 out of 10 for picturesque architecture and civic works, blah-blah-blah. I could go on and on, but don’t want to be too impolite. Go!

GaryHerbert, 21/January/2018

Max Grey looks like a quiet shy boy, but is a real hottie! Nice yummi ass who looks perfect with a dick between his cheeks. Wish we get more videos with him!!

Alex, 21/January/2018

More videos from this both guys :)

Spermonster, 21/January/2018

Great views of Max's succulent shaved asshole being oiled up and massaged - as with his glorious cock!

Coco, 22/January/2018

Orri is a real top. He rims and fucks with passion, and is a perfect lover. He certainly has a really good time with Max's willing and tasty hole. I hope to see him in action more and more.

Ryan, 22/January/2018

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