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Sticky Mucky Spunktexters, Sc.2: Cock-Sucking Slut Gets His Share Of Two Cum Hungry Fuckers! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 25/January/2018
Duration: 32 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


If ever you doubted that Robin Rhea was the consummate cocksucker, then be prepared to have your reservations put very safely to bed courtesy of this two part escapade featuring hunky newbie, Eytan Zevi, and everyone’s favourite blond beauty, Bjorn Nykvist. To be fair, these two buddies actually seem to be in some kind of competition where Rhea’s oral skills are concerned – taking it in turns to be pleasured by their dick-slurping hero, and each ensuring that they take photographic evidence of the lad’s accomplishments on their phone.

First up it’s dark-haired hunk, Zevi, whose nicely upturned shaft is soon getting all the attention it could ever desire from Rhea’s skilful mouth; before the fellow eagerly returns the tight-lipped favour, whilst also lapping at his mate’s hungry, hair-free pucker. It’s perhaps little wonder that Rhea is soon squirting a tasty wad of jizz all over the place as a result; but what may surprise a little more is the way the scene then quickly skips to the lad’s second call of duty, this time in the company of the eternally horny Nykvist.

Once again, Rhea’s oral dexterity is very much on show; but on this occasion there’s the opportunity to demonstrate that he isn’t just a one trick pony. Indeed, first chance he gets and he’s burying his gorgeously meaty ramrod balls-deep into his blond bud’s fuck-hole; marking the start of a tremendous set-piece that will almost certainly have you wanking like fury. All of which culminates in one of the gooiest displays of cum-in-arse we’ve ever seen, with the spunk literally dripping out of Nykvist’s well-worn ass!

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Eytan Zevi's speedo tan in that great bod is worth is weight in gold!!!!

jay, 25/January/2018

Wow...Eytan Zevi sure can suck dick. I loved that he didn't waste a drop of Robin Rhea's cum. I lost it right there. I'll have to cum back later and watch Bjorn's half of this scene. BTW, Eytan is stunning

dr, 25/January/2018

Eytan should have fucked both of them together--lined up next to each other, from hole to hole and back. He is gorgeous. He needs his 'own' videos!

BAF, 25/January/2018

süß...hat mir gefallen aber in der tat hätte eytan beide knallen sollen....

Chris, 25/January/2018

Eytan needs to be fucked by: 1) Rudy 2) Sivan Looking forward!

Maxim, 26/January/2018

Interesting video. Eytan is a great find. Loved him rimming Robin's sweet hole. Also swallowing Robin's cum. Second half great with Robin rimming and fucking gorgeous Bjorn's hole. Definitely worth 5 stars.

Ryan, 26/January/2018

Really too bad that we can't see the bodies and faces of these beautiful models, particularly Robin Rhea, since the camera is almost always just one foot away from the models, focusing on a small portion of the action. This is a chronic problem with recent Staxus videos. Is anybody else out there tired of this technique of showing, through constant close-ups, fragment after fragment of the larger action?

Richard F, 26/January/2018

Both Robin, with his deceptive innocence, and Eytan, with his classic good looks, perform fellatio with expertise and enthusiasm. Beautifully maintained erections and reciprocation of pleasuring. The passionate display of anilingus performed by Eytan is also a delight. Robin then proceeds to copulate with the second model - with his usual passion and lust. Beautiful!

Mateusz, 27/January/2018

Love Eytan. Brilliant cocksucker. Robin could learn a few tips about deep throat and taking a cock down to the balls. Love the piercing of his balls too...

Coco, 27/January/2018

Pretty boys with nicely shaved balls and holes. Robin is a cutie and shoots off nicely into Eytan's eager mouth and Bjorn's gaping asshole.

Jhonny, 29/January/2018

Hey Staxus! What's it going to take to get Robin together with Ron? We're dying for it out here. I would pitch in for costs myself to make this happen and am sure many others would as well.

Tim, 13/February/2018

Just a note in partial agreement with Richard F. Partial because I hate it when a scene is presented only through closeups or choppy cuts like a movie trailer or music video. Staxus, tho, IMHO is very judicious in its use of closeups, preferring instead to pleasure us with long, uninterrupted shots -- especially of fucking. That wasn't always the case. I'd have to re-watch this scene to see if I was bothered by the fractured nature of the editing. Generally speaking, closeups are best in porn for activities involving tongues, especially rimming but also kissing. Even in those instances, though, it's essential to go wide and show the boys' bodies and hands; there's usually much more going on than just what the closeup captures. The cardinal sin, IMHO, is to cut away from a wide or medium shot of fucking to a random closeup of someone's face, back of a head, hand gripping the blanket, toes curling -- once the fucking begins, I don't ever want to lose track of cock penetrating asshole (which is not to say show JUST cock and asshole). My favorite technique is for a competent camera operator to go a hand-held and just move gracefully over and around the activity, giving us the variety of viewpoints we crave but NOT interrupting the action.

Ty Huber, 05/March/2018

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