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Poolboy, Sc.1: Playful Pups Go Poolside For A Hard Session Of Cock & Hot Cum! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 53)
Added: 01/February/2018
Duration: 19 minutes, 13 seconds
Comments: 25


There almost seems to be a romantic connection between Milan Silver and our latest newbie, Ron Negba, as they cavort together playing ball in the pool; but anyone who’s expecting a lengthy show of smooching once they’ve jumped out of the water could be in for a disappointment. This isn’t to say that the two lads don’t kiss, of course – the sensuous nature of their friendship makes this almost an inevitability. Yet it’s pretty clear that neither of these handsome dudes really wants to hold off from a much more carnal encounter; and within a few seconds Negba’s attention has travelled down his mate’s handsome body and he’s very lovingly caressing Silver’s torso and upper legs in anticipation of unleashing the swelling length of flesh that he already knows is buried inside the fellow’s laced-up trunks.

It’s no time at all, of course, before the said schlong is finally out in the open – at which point any semblance of decency between these two fellows is very promptly laid to rest! Indeed, Silver’s soon replicating his buddy’s efforts – devouring Negba’s shaft with great open-mouthed gusto, before fixing his eye on the pup’s hairless pucker, which he rims, rubs and fingers in anticipation of the main event. Cue a stupendous fuckathon, which sees our cute, curly, floppy-haired fresher taking every inch of Silver’s deliciously uncut fuck-pole in a whole variety of positions; before the horned-up top literally can’t take another thrust and creams Negba’s slit with a thick rope of jizz. Giving our bottoming hero the chance to prove his own worth with a creamy blast of spunk over his taut belly!

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Wow the way Ron Negba attacks dick is so HOTT. This scene was awesome guys. Ron Negba and Milan Silver gave a 10 star show.

dr, 01/February/2018

What a hot scene! Ron Negba now also as a bottom; really outstanding! He hat the potential to get a real superstar at Staxus. Great, that Milan Silver is back. His look changed a bit since his first performances one year ago, but also now a cute and hot guy. Congratulations!!

ontheway, 01/February/2018

Earth-Shattering (porno) Revolution ! Don't stop fucking me until I cum ! (don't send me to do a facial or finish the job with my hands...) Bravo Negba and Silver !

Enri., 01/February/2018

Milan and Ron are both gorgeous! Love the way Ron shows off his beautiful asshole. The rimming scene is fantastic! Lucky Milan gets the tasty job. Lovely fucking as well. I thought that lovely hole of Ron would be rimmed before long, and boy just how I would love to do it. Scenes like this don't get any hotter! 5 stars and more!

Ryan, 01/February/2018

milan sharp ist total mein typ. ich mag einfach geilen gaysex...milans aussehen ist einfach top er sieht in der tat noch süßer aus als bei den letzten malen...5 punkte

Chris, 01/February/2018

Watching Milan's glaze run down and drip from Ron's scrote was very exciting for me!

Mark, 03/February/2018

I've watched this scene 14 times now and I'm still so hot to rim out Ron's lovely hole!

Ryan, 03/February/2018

Ron is certainly a truly beautiful boy who clearly appreciates his fervent buggerisation - demonstrated by his two spells of enthusiastic mid-coital fellatio. Milan is clearly a master of fellatio, anilingus and buggery as he thrusts forward so passionately to produce a copious amount of sperm before his viagrative organ again services the insatiable Ron who masturbates so furiously until he too ejaculates.

Mateuzs, 03/February/2018

We want Ron again and again, he is the perfect bottom

angelo, 04/February/2018

Just superb!

Chrissy, 10/February/2018

So amazing. Two boys, godlike in their beauty, providing for each other the deepest ecstasy in the world. They're a perfect pair, one muscular, powerful and thick, the other a slender angel who makes all cocks within a mile stand at attention. What I love about Ron is that he is so unafraid to show how much he adores his partners and how happy they make him. He's innocent and honest like a puppy is to you when you come home! In a less attractive boy that could be irritating, but Ron, every inch of him, is just delerium inducing. This boy was made to please other boys. I get so drunk watching this affectionate, smoking-hot boy fuck. His facial expressions, his adorable playfulness, his unbearably beautiful eyes, his lovely golden locks, his smile ... how can anyone get naked and sexy with this boy and not fall madly in love with him? Do they? There must be a mountain of shattered hearts behind young Ron. Oh, am I the only one completely obsessed with his belly button? I could suck and lick it for hours. I want to try to lick it off of his tummy. Watching it float over his flexing stomach and silky smooth skin as he sexes the living fuck out of the other models is maddening. Ron brings just a fucking COSMIC level of chemistry to every scene he's in. His boundless lust for cock is just amazing to behold. I think he's the most amazing porn performer ever. Staxus, this kind of shit brings porn to a new level. Just glorious.

Tim, 13/February/2018

One of our big fantasies is to bring home a tousled haired 18+ schoolboy and rim his hole off before my partner fucks his brains out while I get my cock licked to orgasm. Ron Negba would fit our fantasy bigtime.Beautiful boy, beautiful face, beautiful body and really beautiful hole.

docmoc, 09/March/2018

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