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Fucking Pissed Off 2, Sc.1: Nerdy New Boy Gets Double-Dicked & Coated In Oodles Of Cum! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 04/February/2018
Duration: 18 minutes, 47 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone, it seems, loves a guy in uniform; so it’s perhaps little wonder that new boy, Max Grey, goes completely gaga when confronted by a couple of fire-officers in the shape of Orri Gaul and fellow newbie, Lior Hod. To be fair, his predicament is made all the worse – or better, depending on your point of view! – by the fact that the firemen have discovered an anal toy down the back of his sofa; which of course immediately makes the lad fair game to their unrestrained advances. As such, the young lad is almost like a poor gazelle in the face of a pair of hungry lions; and before you know it they have his arse in the air so that they can brutally finger and rim his tender little pucker. Whether he knows at this particular point just how unmerciful they’re going to be to that tight hole is anyone’s guess, of course; but suffice it to say that he doesn’t have to wait very long to find out.

Within minutes the young bespectacled beaut is quite literally sat on both their dicks simultaneously, taking every inch of cock on offer like a total slut. Shortly afterwards he’s being double-poked once again in arguably more “conventional” fashion – director, John Smith, capturing the sight of both shafts thrusting into his guts with typical, close-up detail. It’s wild and totally unrestrained, and as such the ensuing spit-roasting of the lad might seem tame in comparison. But the terrific show-stopping facial, which leaves Grey’s face awash with jizz, more than makes up for the slight slackening of pace; and it’s little wonder that the horny bottom spews out a stupendous wad in response!

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I do love double penetration. This is just great. Loved the rimming and fucking. Superb cum shots. New boy Lior is yet another great find. 5 stars for the great action of all these boys!

RyanT, 04/February/2018

New boy Lior is worth wanking to!

HT, 04/February/2018

Nice scene. Orri is so cute, but perhaps a little overused on the site? I wish threeways would include a moment where the boy getting fucked had a chance to eat another's ass -- it's a huge fantasy of mine to rim one guy while being fucked by another, and it's so rare to see in porn.

Ty Huber, 05/February/2018

Great action from all the gorgeous guys here in this threesome. Orri is truly a great fucker who knows how to ram his delicious cock into his mates. This is another five star performance and a warm welcome to Lior I am sure we will see a lot more of him.Oh and the nerd He is wonderful but let me hold his specs while i watch him perform )))

pugs, 05/February/2018

I agree with all the comments. Really good scene. Unfortunately, there was a single bug, and it was a bad shot at 16.20! Souhlasím že se všemi komentáři. Opravdu povedená scéna. Bohužel i zde se vyskytla jedna chybička a to přibližně v čase 16.20 je použit špatný záběr!

renda567, 05/February/2018

Geile Filmperspektive wo Max Arschloch ausgeleckt wird, hatte sofort ein Rohr und hätte gerne selber meine Zunge dort gehabt...;-) Ich mag Doppelpenetrationen....schön zwei Schniedel tief im Loch zu spüren....füllt die Fotze sicher herrlich aus...geil!

Chris, 05/February/2018

Je trouve Max Grey super sexy ! J'adore ce mec ! Les autres aussi d'ailleurs. Cette scène est bien tournée avec une belle lumière. Bravo Mr Smith !

Kevin June, 21/February/2018

Love Max Grey who is classy, beautiful and so hot. Has great cute asshole who takes dicks in a hot and nice way and with his glasses he loks like a dream student guy thjat we all love to have an affair with !

Christbdx, 28/February/2018

Suggestion: I've always been turned on by ballet dancers and would like to see Staxus consider a series of scenes with ballet-inspired setting, costumes, and characters. All three of the guys in this scene would look beautiful in tights and dance belts.

Mitch_MN, 04/March/2018

Max Grey is perfection. Absolutely gorgeous and even more so with a face full of jizz. More Max please!

mj, 04/March/2018

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