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Foreskin Fuckers, Sc.2: Proud Toned Fucker Gets His Ass Ploughed & Face Whitewashed! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 35)
Added: 11/February/2018
Duration: 22 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


With his lean, toned physique, is it really any wonder that new boy, Ben Isai, is just that little bit in love with himself at the start of this terrific, spunk-inducing set-piece with Sivan Ozzi? Why, the lad barely seems to notice his mate laid in the bed, reading a magazine – he’s way too interested in admiring his own fine body, stepping into an ante-room next door to admire his reflection in a mirror. It’s all a tad narcistic, of course; and it’s probably no surprise that Ozzi resigns himself to a good old-fashioned wank whilst Isai makes his way to the bathroom for his ablutions. But it’s a turn of events that provides us with the opportunity to enjoy a welcome display of foreskin play from our lonesome fuck-buddy; as he teases the end of his joystick for the camera and relishes the high-octane pleasure that only an uncut lad can ever experience.

And it’s in the midst of that solo performance that Isai then promptly returns – at which point it seems that the young fella is promptly reminded of just how much fun can be had in the wanton company of another fellow gay boy. Cue a terrific session of no-holds-barred cock-worship, as both lads take it in turns to slurp on each other’s knobs like a pair of downtown whores; before Isai’s butt clearly starts to get a distinct itch for raw attention. No worries, though – Ozzi’s got the perfect cure for that kind of predicament in the shape of his handsome, rock-hard ramrod, which he promptly buries balls-deep into his mate for the fuck of his life. All of which gets nicely topped off by the sight of the fellow spewing furiously all over Isai’s face!

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I am very pleased to see that Staxus has hired Ben Isai again, and showed him to us in this fine video. In my opinion Ben is the most beautiful and sexy boy that Staxus has found recently. His face is remarkably handsome, and his body is very fit. Your wise decision to use Ben as a bottom is commendable. If Ben will grow out the hair on top of his handsome head, and grow out his sexy body hair, he will be close to perfect. I hope we will see lots more of Ben, plus other new, pretty boy bottoms. Well done, Staxus.

Professormarvel, 11/February/2018

Superb Finale ! ))

pugs, 11/February/2018

Absolute Granatenboys, meine Liebling...mhh wie Sivan in Bens Pofotze gleitet und Ben es genießt...Abspritzgarantie!

Chris, 16/February/2018

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