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Futsal Flings, Sc.1: Late-Cummer Gaul Makes It A Hard Spit-Roast For Peeping Tom! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 39)
Added: 18/February/2018
Duration: 26 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


You’d surely have to be either a saint or a eunuch not to want to sneak a peek at handsome noob, Abir Tevel, as he soaps himself down in the shower after a hard session out on the pitch; and since Max Grey is neither of those things it will come as no surprise that he’s soon taking full advantage of the situation to get an eyeful of the lad’s toned torso and deliciously uncut schlong. In addition, he’s totally unrepentant when Tevel realises that there’s a Peeping Tom in the room, and is quickly underlining his sluttish mannerisms by taking his pal’s dick in his mouth and slurping on it for all he’s worth. It’s a move that Tevel clearly doesn’t have an issue with – so much so, in fact, that the lad makes a prompt beeline for Grey’s ever-insatiable fuck-hole and eagerly rims the hot slit before ramming every inch of his knob inside.

At which point you’d be forgiven perhaps for thinking that this was all set to be your everyday, standard duo – until, that is, the sudden arrival of Orri Gaul, who immediately stands behind Grey’s rear and thrusts every hard inch of his cock right into the boy’s guts. What’s more, Grey doesn’t even seem to bat so much as an eyelid as he’s energetically spit-roasted by both horned-up tops in turn; taking turns to ride both buds cowboy-style and finally (somewhat inevitably) spurting in all directions. But it’s surely the sight of the lad down on his knees between Gaul and Tevel and taking every drop of their jizz all over his face that warrants greatest acclaim; with the fellow calling it a wrap by slurping on both spent cocks with a grin from ear to ear!

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Great threesome. New boy Abir looks really experienced. He rims and fucks Max beautifully. But the action gets even more lively when Orri appears. This is a lovely scene with lovely boys!

Ryan, 18/February/2018

Hot scene guys. Abir is beautiful and all three guys have great cocks. Max is a fantastic bottom - he is hard all the time while getting rimmed, fingered, fucked by two huge cocks and then eating both guys' cum. Hot!

Jon, 18/February/2018

Be good to see Lior, Ron and Robin Rhea or David in a hot threesome... Just a thought!

HT, 18/February/2018

Some beautiful scenes of masturbation (both surreptitious and public), fellatio, anilingus and buggery. Very impressive that Max maintains a fine erection throughout his buggerisations and there is some enthusiastic mid-coital masturbating and fellating too. The final scenes of furious masturbation and pre-/post-ejaculative fellatio are first class.

Mateuzs, 18/February/2018

From the start I got hard to see them sucking tongue then spewed when Abir kept licking his finger) Then they continued to excite me with ATM and a great finale) HOT HOT HOT

pugs, 18/February/2018

Hot guys, we haven`t seen a triple for some time and now surprise...Especially liked the moment when Abir appeard and had a boner yet when he took off his pants. Cool jerking material...

Chris, 18/February/2018

Max clearly loves to get fucked and has a beauty of a hard-on all the way through. Great cum eating too...

Jhonny, 18/February/2018

Simply gr8 to jerk off to. Nice models. Cool action.

Ryan, 19/February/2018

When I watched this scene my first thought was I wanna play football in that team :-)

Jerry, 19/February/2018

Such hot guys. Good action to, but please kick these threesomes up a notch more intense ATM, felching, double creampies, cum play, rough throat fucking it would take the sexiness of a scene like this to the next level <3

biggerthebetter, 19/February/2018

Loved it when Orri was fingering Max's asshole and sucking his balls.

Ross, 21/February/2018

Opening football moments were nice to set the jock theme. I really liked when Max presented his asshole at 8:17 for some rimming and fingering. The missionary fucking starting at 11:13 was fine, although neither model seemed to enjoy it much. My interested perked up when Orri arrived at 15:05. Reminder of scene offered routine anal sex -- always fun to watch but nothing special here. All very attractive, competent if uninspiring direction. 4/5.

Ty Huber, 23/February/2018

Very nice threesome !!! Love that kind of porn :-)

K., 27/February/2018

This had the potential to be such a great vid - 3 beautiful bodies, 3 raging cocks, Orri's smile has to be one of the cutest in porn and Max has such a great hole. Add in some of the greatest penetration shots - Orri fucking Max while still wearing the football shorts and Max lifting his body so Abir can suck Orri and then lowering his ass onto Orri's cock are really brilliant. BUT, I thought the sex was pretty woodden to be honest. I don't like critiicising the boys and I fully realise thay are paid performers but this is sex for God's sake - it's supposed to be fun. I thought it was all pretty mechanical. Vids have to have great camerawork plus have great boys but the action must seem fun and real. In this instance, I did not get that impression - such a pity. Final thought - Abir has a lovely pert ass - be nice to see it get a good stretching.

docmoc, 28/February/2018

Just a suggestion re: posting scenes. I'd like you to think about rotating your models and scenes so that once a model appears, he doesn't appear again until 7 more new scenes have been posted. Why? The 30-day streaming customer will be more likely to see a greater variety of models in NEW scenes posted during his membership. I know I have been disappointed to see the same model repeatedly and in quick succession, regardless of how hot that model might be. Feb 2018 was heavy on Orri Gaul and Ron Negba. I realize shuffling the order would put some "theme" scenes out of sequence, but I'd prefer the variety even if it meant forcing a hiatus between the posting of related scenes.

Mitch_MN, 02/March/2018

Yes re: more variety, mix up the models so they don't appear in consecutive episodes. For downloaders it's not as much an issue because the scenes can be viewed in any order. And thanks, as always, for reintroducing the monthly plan that includes downloads.

Ty Huber, 03/March/2018

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