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Refugee, Sc. 3: Fantasy Fuck-Fest Sees This Horned Cutie Stretched & Creamed! HD

4.9/5 (Total votes: 41)
Added: 22/February/2018
Duration: 21 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside Charlie Keller’s filthy little mind then you’re in for a five star treat with this passionate, cum-sodden adventure with new boy, Abir Tevel, whose character here clearly has no idea what a horny fucker the lad from Iceland actually is. For the rest of us, of course, what follows in this dirty fantasy will come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever – after all, why wouldn’t he fancy the pants off his aggressive, but very handsome captor? But it seems that Tevel – who cannot see the contents of his prisoner’s fervent imagination – must remain forever ignorant of Keller’s true feelings. Which is arguably just as well given that the captive basically wants to do nothing less than suck and fuck his way to ecstasy courtesy of Tevel’s deliciously uncut cock!

Fortunately for the rest of us, it’s a wanton and very sticky exercise that we get to fully enjoy; as Keller makes an immediate beeline for Tevel’s crotch, slurping on every inch that the fair-headed lad has to offer, whilst Tevel himself rims his companion’s hairless pucker in anticipation of the hard fuck to come. Needless to say, Keller’s wild ambitions are soon achieved as he promptly plonks himself down on the new lad’s raw schlong and immediately begins to ride it like a bitch possessed; before then taking every inch doggy-style, literally leaving his arse gaping in the process. No fucking wonder that the fellow is soon creaming out the contents of his cum-sac; before taking a right royal coating all over his face courtesy of Tevel’s poleaxe. In short, a top-notch act from a premier-class slut!

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Charlie has a very seductive ass and Abir has a lot of fun rimming and fucking the gorgeous hole. Very sexy.

Ryan, 22/February/2018

Charlie diese passive Nimmersatt Stute...glaube er kann den noch so größten Pimmel eines jeden Hengstes vertragen. Die Szene hat mich total überzeugt, man sieht das geil aus als Abir seinen Riemen langsam rein und raus aus Charlies geiler Fotze zieht. Saulecker, volle 5 Punkte....

Chris, 22/February/2018

Charlie has such a rimmable hole and boy oh boy can he ride a cock!

docmoc, 22/February/2018

So much to love in this scene. Bagpipes! I love how Staxus uses such a variety of musical themes to set up a scene and then soon fades to the sounds of lovemaking. Also good was how, after the opening "sheepshagging" bit, the costuming was suggested by some nearby props instead of having the lads shagging in full regalia -- those period costume shoots can get pretty silly. Highlights: 8:35 such joy and connection as Charlie rides Abir, with some lovely ATM at 9:15. 14:45 those lascivious pans from Charlie's ass across his beautiful, strong back, and then back to the tunnel of love, which Charlie spreads even wider. 19:40 look at that slow penetration and removal and then Charlie's voracious ATM. Abir is a beautiful man with a nice body and decent topping skills, but he doesn't begin to match Charlie for onscreen charisma and joy; don't fire him, coach him to improve. Abir wasn't too interested in deep kissing or rimming either, but I'm delighted that the director didn't insist on faking either activity (some tender kissing throughout, and cursory rimming at 5:30 are noted -- and the rimming would've been considered exceptional at any other studio, but I've come to expect so much more from Staxus). Photography/lighting are superb throughout, although the medieval theme might've been punched up a bit with some candles or torches flickering. I'll enthusiastically give this 4/5 for Charlie's wonderful performance, hoping desperately for greater things from the handsome, muscular Abir.

Ty Huber, 23/February/2018

I would have liked a little longer intro to enjoy the nice work the team did with the costumes, even if we all want to see both models nude. And they are worth a glance! :-) The scene deserves five stars as the 2 other ones of the serie. Two cute modeles enjoying sex with a good chemistry between them, a nice lighting and a beautiful setting. Good work! Question: Will Charlie invite his boyfriend Preston to make a scene with him, one day? It surely would be a hot moment!

Jerry, 24/February/2018

I'm curious about how the "Most Popular" sorting is done on your site. Is that based on viewer ratings? Number of times streamed/downloaded? I think an interesting stat would be "Most downloaded in past 30 days." Downloading suggests special fondness for a scene, otw why bother saving it? The "past 30 days" would make the count more meaningful, because it would factor in those much older scenes that are still finding revived popularity among new members; simply reporting "Most Downloaded" would give an edge to older scenes which logically would be expected to have more TOTAL downloads, having been posted for many months or years.

Mitch_MN, 02/March/2018

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