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Fucking Pissed Off 2, Sc.4: Bickering Twink Gets An Ass-Load Of Dick & A Face-Load Of Piss! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 25/February/2018
Duration: 22 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s something inanely endearing about watching Charlie Keller and Titus Snow as they bicker about how many times the latter has telephoned the fire service in the past month – like an old married couple, who in the end have to agree to disagree. What’s more, the heavy sense of endearment that obviously exists between these two buddies quickly translates itself into action of the very hottest kind; with the handsome Icelandic insistence that Snow finally stops his protestations marking the start of a terrific session of kissing and cock-sucking that’ll have your cock straining in anticipation. Of course, the fact that we’re presented with two of the most lust-worthy individuals on the current scene is more than enough to secure our guaranteed attention in itself; but by the time these two dick-loving stalwarts are 69-ing on the sofa you’ll surely be in a state of total mesmerisation.

What’s more, matters only become even more hypnotic when Keller finally seizes his chance to master the situation by sidling up behind his buddy and thrusting every swollen inch of his dick deep inside Snow’s guts – commencing a truly stupendous coupling that’ll transform your initial edging into something much more proactive. Indeed, by the time both these horned-up bastards have creamed the contents of their ball-sacs all over Snow’s nicely toned torso there’s every good chance you’ll have dumped a load (or maybe more!) yourself. Just don’t let that stop you from enjoying the final moment of artistic triumph in the form of Keller’s tsunamic stream of piss all over his mate!