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Foreskin Fuckers, Sc.1: Toothy Cute Beaut Gets His Skin & Arse Stretched By A Real Pro! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 34)
Added: 08/March/2018
Duration: 28 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


Having proudly declared his retirement from porn barely a few months back, it seems that the allure of hot sex with a handsome cutie like Orri Gaul was just way too much for Connor Rex to resist; and before you know it he was on the phone to director, John Smith, to set up a spunk-laden session with everyone’s favourite new boy. The result is this sensuous, foreskin-teasing escapade that will appeal to pretty much anyone who likes cute twinks, uncut dicks and high-octane fornication between boys who clearly have no morals whatsoever, and who literally can’t wait to get inside each other’s trendy-looking underwear. As such, there’s no time wasted in getting those thick, meaty shafts of theirs firmly on display; with both lads taking the opportunity to play with all that extra-long skin on offer, including the rather curious use of a Russian doll by Gaul and some terrific docking on the part of Rex.

It’s a veritable fest of uncircumcised beauty for everyone who loves dick as nature intended; but it’s not long before Rex’s ever-ferocious appetite for ass simply gets the better of him, as he fingers and rims Gaul’s hairless pucker in anticipation of the hard ride to come. That’s the signal for the start of a truly breathless set-piece that sees Gaul’s pert booty plundered for all it’s worth; with the young lad bouncing up and down on Rex’s joystick like a yoyo, then taking every inch doggy-style like a true bitch. Little wonder that he’s soon rupturing mid-fuck; before Rex – complete with his furry tummy! – completes the action by jerking off a tasty wad of jizz all of his own!

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I was still having dreams of Connor from December. Now, I'm in even worse trouble.

GaryHerbert, 08/March/2018

This is a great change from normal. Seeing Orri in the role of being totally bottom is quite a turn on. He willingly offers up his pretty ass for rimming and fucking. Connor does a great job licking, fingering and fucking that hole until both boys explode their load. Yummy!

Ryan, 08/March/2018

This is an absolutely amazing shoot. Seeing Rex rimming, fingering and fucking Orri had every sense overloaded in ecstasy. These men are beautiful and amazing. Would love to see an episode with Orri spending time both on top and bottom.

Dan, 10/March/2018

Nice scene, but that is all said. I don't like hairy creases and asses. Certaily no hairy belly's. It's a turn down for me. Then both guys are not that excited in both each other or doïng a scene together!I gave 4 stars because I like the effort, but to be honest 3*** would have been more than enough. It's good to be back a Staxus after all. A lot of new HOT scenes for me to watch!

bently, 10/March/2018

No passion at all, even simulated in that scene and the last few minutes, Connor seemed to be frightened in case he should hurt Orri. His cock only going in and out a couple of cms. Poor show. And too hairy!

AlexB, 11/March/2018

Even though Orri normally tops, I’ve always thought him a more natural bottom. He’s a very cute boy – if a bit too “ built” for our taste but a near totally shaved Orri as he appears here is so, so cute. Seeing Connor rim and penetrate that shaved hole is just beautiful. Even though other members did not like this scene too much, we thought it worked well – Orri’s cock jumping all about while he rode Connor was a sight to behold and the juxtaposition of shaved Orri and Connor’s body hair was also very nice. We particularly like Connor’s chest hair – just a light covering but sexy. Maybe Staxus could do a shaving scene. We shave each other every now and again and it’s such an intimate exercise that we find it makes us both really horny and ready for action. I think the boys doing it would have to be boyfriends or else have real chemistry if the scene were to work to its max. Shaving a boyhole to reveal the pink lusciousness underneath would be something a lot of members would appreciate.

docmoc, 15/March/2018

Great scene and beautiful guys. Prefer to see natural pubic hair and the bushier around the cock the better.

CM, 17/March/2018

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