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Spunk-Shootin´Scholars, Sc.3: New Student Teases His Way To An Arse-Load Of Aching Cock!

4.5/5 (Total votes: 38)
Added: 15/November/2018
Duration: 27 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Teasing those we fancy has always been an essential part of courtship; so when new STAXUS student, Steve Joyce, makes off with Bjorn Nykvist’s book outside their college at the start of this filthy little escapade, you just know it’s nothing like a malicious act, rather a not-so-subtle shout of “come and get me”. What’s more, Nykvist responds just as Joyce would’ve wanted, chasing the fellow into the classroom and – after a little bit of hot pursuit round the desks – eventually falling into a heated embrace.

Suffice it to say it’s not long at all before both the lads have their magnificent uncut shafts on full display; taking it in turns to feed on all the throbbing meat that’s on offer. Joyce, in particular, clearly can’t get enough of his mate’s tackle, slurping on dick like a bitch and then tea-bagging the fellow to full effect. All the same, matters don’t really come to a head until Nykvist bundles the boy onto a desk, rims his eager ass, and then finally pushes every aching inch of meat deep into the fellow’s guts. Neatly signalling the start of a top-notch fuckathon that sees the horny rookie fucked in every imaginable position; before both students complete their sex-lesson with a sticky eruption!